Upyri: It’s In The Blood!!!

A Story About Redemption……

Upyri is a story about redemption. The story revolves around the main character, Hubris, who is the leader of the vampiric clan E’pohvul. While Hubris is motivated by his thirst for blood and drive to usurp his power, he is also conflicted by his past. Hubris is thus constantly seeking to reconcile his vampiric urges with the more human feelings that are locked deep within him.

In the world of the Upyri, virgin blood is sacred because it greatly enhances the power of those who feed upon it. Along with the others in his circle, Invidia, Delilah, Thumps, Mammon, Morgans, and Pharos, Hubris seeks to acquire the blood of a special virgin who will allow them to achieve their highest peak of power, the ability to regenerate mankind in their own image.

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John runs home thinking he’s safe after what he just saw but he has a lot more to think about when two visitors make their way to his house….. Mammon finds two virgins but one is special he can smell it in her essence. Hubris is facing an internal problem and it’s not going away it’s only getting bigger…. What will happen to John? Who is this virgin? What’s so special about this virgin? Will Mammon use her? What’s going to happen to Hubris….Find out in the second episode “The blood will change you”

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