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With the paparazzi and 24-hour media outlets, modern celebrities are under a tremendous amount of pressure to look beautiful or flawless at all times.  Most celebrities understand the importance of hiring a stylist.

The celebrity stylist has a major role to play in the celebrity life such as a fashion consultant, and personal shopper. The celebrity stylist works with his or her clients in many situations including red carpet events, commercial shoots, and photo shoots. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Abraham Harris of Abraham Seed to discuss his role as a celebrity stylist and fashion designer, his recent projects, and his future endeavors.

Abraham Harris is more than merely eye candy. In fact, he is a man of purpose and destiny. These are two words that are closely linked to his name. “My name was taken from the Scriptures. In particular, the same blessings that were bestowed on Abraham in the Scriptures are upon me. As a result, I believe that favor rests on my life.”

As we continued to talk, I learned that Abraham is a native of Roanoke, Virginia, grew up in Philidelphia “My father was a Navy man so my family moved around often. Upon completing my high school education, I moved to Florida and landed a job in the financial world. In particular, I handled loans, and mortgages. After some time, I transitioned to a job as an operations manager. I was content working a 40-hour a week job, but I was not satisfied, because my passion for fashion was always haunting me. Now, I must add, I wasn’t serious about becoming a celebrity stylist. In fact, that was the farthest thing from my mind. I only dressed people as a hobby. As time progressed, my hobby turned into my passion, and I’ve been in love with it every since,” said Abraham.

In order to pursue his love for fashion, Abraham moved to New York City. “I’ve always heard if you want to break into the business then you should move to NYC, so I moved.” During that time, Abraham was discovered. “I wasn’t discovered in NYC per se. specifically, what I mean is that I was in NYC, but my discovery came by way of MySpace.”

As he spoke I could hear the excitement in his voice, but I must admit I was a little taken back when he stated that he was discovered by MySpace. He continued to state, “A young lady by the name of Crystal Wright followed my work from the time I was in Florida all the way to NYC. She stumbled across my work on MySpace, sent me a message, and the rest was history.”

He has been able to work with the biggest names in the industry:  Vanessa and Angela Simmons, Bria Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s daughter), Lisa Arindell Anderson, Danity Kane, and the future project with Tracey Edmonds and the list go on and on.  Beyond the intrinsic advantages of its medium, Abraham Harris succeeded by making his message “clear,” and that is becoming a high-powered celebrity stylist takes a lot of hard work and dedication. He exclaimed, “We are considered the ‘Image Makers’, and this is a huge responsibility.

What I mean specifically is that any person who is seeking out this type of work must have a great personality, because they will need to be able to deal with all types of people from all walks of life. Therefore, that individual must be able to roll with the everyday changes that occur in the fashion industry. Things can happen all at once, and make a huge difference.”

He continued to say, “As human beings, we always expect everyday change to happen slowly and steadily, and for there to be some relationship between cause and effect. And when there isn’t…. we’re surprised. I’m saying don’t be surprised. This industry is ever-growing…ever-changing so you must be ready to change when things change or you won’t succeed in this industry.” As Abraham made the statement, I realized that he is definitely the man for the job.

Abraham recently formed a partnership with Mike Gallagher who will be opening an archive gallery at 12 Mercer st. SoHo in NYC VFiles.com. The gallery will feature Mike Gallagher’s collection of over a million magazines on his fashion archive. “He has all the Vogues,Avendon,Twen etc, and other top magazine photos from as far back as the 30’s. As a result, he has been able to build a relationship with Christian Dior, Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs,and Anna Sui. Mike has recently sold an archive to Visionarie magazine. This will be an epic event in my life, because, I was asked to come alongside Mike as his  PA & Co-creative director, of the gallery stated Abraham.

As we continued to talk, I was interested in knowing what does he think is a contributing factor to all the success the he has received thus far. What I learned is that he is a man of faith. “Faith is the key to life. You must have faith to get what you want out of life.” He continued to explain how he believed that faith without work is dead. “Nothing was handed down to me. I had to put in the work by taking a leap of faith to leave Florida and move to NYC. I had no money….I mean, I had nothing, but favor. It (favor) took me places I never even dreamed I would go,” said Abraham.

Abraham is driven to achieve greatness. He is the CEO of the clothing line Abrahamseed.com  looking to expand all around the world like London, Paris, New York City, and Los Angeles. In addition, he wants to start an AID program, similar to missionary outreach work. “I want to leave a legacy that I was a seed planter of love, positivity and spiritual substance.”   It is my belief that Abraham will achieve all that he puts his hand to do. We look forward to hearing and seeing more from Abraham Harris of Abraham Seed.

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