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Celeste Duckworth, Publisher

Tiki Black, Digital Director (United Kingdom) – When the award-winning singer/songwriter is not working with Vertikal or writing and performing songs around the world, Tiki Black presents the long running show “I Write The Songs” on English waves Canalside Radio and manages her own online music magazine 1InMusic, sister magazine of Vertikal Life Magazine. She says: “Everything I do is about empowering humans to recognise and believe in their amazing capacities not just to survive but beyond that to create the better world that we all would like to leave in. There is a melody in words that touches the emotional chord and conveys these and I use it in each of my ventures, whether it is in creative expression, performances or digitising worlds.” Tiki was born in France of Cameroonian parents; and brought up in both countries before moving to England quite a few years ago.

Jodie Masteller, Journalist Team Lead

Marisella Pacheco, Graphic Artist (Toulouse, France) – “I’m Marisella Pacheco, 24 years old, Visual Experiences Designer. Passionated about visual language and multisensory experiences, I have spent my creative life between the aesthetics and utility of design solutions, digital experiences and interfaces, as well as exploiting flavors and the messages that they keep.

Besides, I was born in Venezuela, and I’ve lived in Spain and France where I have been pursuing my education and professional career, consisting of 6 years in multicultural companies, a BSc in Graphic and Digital Design, a Degree in International Cuisine and soon-to-be MA in Sensory Design. Indeed, I am extremely enthusiastic about the power of design to breed fertile grounds for ideas and change. Anywhere. Anytime. Human-to-human.”

Patricia Bodry, Program Coordinator (Gilbert, Arizona)

Taylor York, Audio Engineering

Dekontee Elliott, Fashion Program Assistant (New Jersey)

Justin Kim,  Program Coordinator (Tempe, Arizona

Krisztina Hogye, Staff Writer (New York) – Contributing writer for Vertikal Life Magazine and a senior at Bennington College, studying Video, Entertainment Journalism, and Psychology. She has a deep dedication to personal development and is interested in the integration of the spiritual and psychological wisdom of the East and West.She has a strong desire to make a positive difference in the world by inspiring readers to surpass mediocre and achieve their dreams.




Isabella Wang, Staff Writer (Havre, France) –  Born and raised in Australia but currently residing in France. She specialises in politics and culture, but at heart of this her aim is to write, discover and truly understand the intricate narratives of the world around her in order to contribute to a greater discourse.



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