You Can Create

We are Creations….

Creation is bringing into being. This process of formation is what propels life in our universe and beyond, we are all part of it, for we are all creations.

Think about the intricate cellular organizations, the delicately co-ordinated systems and mechanisms that make up your being – and all this started from a minute group of cells measuring less than one-thousandth of an inch! You will be lost in wonder trying to unravel your awesomeness.

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Created to Create

We are created to pro-create, we are designed to be creators. The Almighty God, our Creator, put us on earth with complete creative elements. In exploring our capabilities, that innate creativity is engaged and outstanding innovations are invented.

The Mind Factory

But it is important to know that your creative prowess is not only displayed in physical things, these are just the by-products of the actual creative process that begins in the mind. To manufacture a car in the factory, some iron, aluminum, steel, among other materials are required to form the various parts that are then merged to create the fine automobile. Also, in the infinite factory of the mind, ‘raw materials’ are required to forge an idea. It is easy to take thoughts for granted as no effort is required to think, but you need to realize that these immaterial elements form our ideas which are the blueprints of all creations – including your whole lifestyle – for you become what you think.

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Thoughts are Creative Forces

Therefore, it is vital to control your thoughts and align them towards creating a better life. For by thinking positively, a positive atmosphere is formed around you that attracts more positivity. You can’t think badly of people and other things and expect goodness to come to you. Just like you can’t expect a good piece of furniture from bad wood.


Your ideas are formed from acquired information, so in essence, the quality of creations depend on the quality of information. Be careful with the kind of information with which you feed your mind. The mind is always at work, even while you are asleep, it continuously gathers ideas and creates. Always make good information available, saturate your mind with it at all times; what do you aim at achieving? Study it, say it, think it, create it. Avoid crowding your mind with bad information. Remember information forms (in-FORMation).

You must actively control the flow of information in and out of your mind. The Bible puts it explicitly: “Keep thy hearts (mind) with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Prov. 14:23.

From your mind you can create sickness or health, poverty or wealth, love or hate, believe or doubt; these forces are most powerful, through them man has defied the force of gravity and exceeded many boundaries.

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Meditate, Study, Create!

Make out some time for meditation; focusing on what you want to create. Connect with the Creator and feel the mind at work. Also, studying helps in providing the mind with needed information and still, action is needed to effect creations. Don’t sit idle after you’ve had that wonderful idea, go ahead to implement it. Some creations might be instantaneous others would need some time and perseverance to materialize. God spoke out creation and went further to mold us both male and female, breathing into us His Spirit; you are His likeness – you can create. Take the necessary steps, overcome that fear and realize your dreams. If you desire to start or are already in the process of creating a business, pursuing a career or whatever passion that lies deep in you, take those bold steps knowing that with each step, something marvelous is coming into being.


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