Veronica’s Giving Back!

Veronica’s Giving Back!

Veronica Pearman is a woman who is on a journey, as all women are.

She was born in New York City, raised in the Dominican Republic, and modeling on the top runways of New York, Paris and Milan by the time she was eighteen.  In her forties she found herself divorced and a single mother with no real direction or idea of who she was.

After a visit to the Dominican Republic, she was reminded by her grandmother that sometimes you have to focus on the needs of others to realize not only how fortunate you are, and sometimes it’s often the shortest distance to finding yourself.  Urged to “Get back to the slums” by her grandmother, she started to live the life that she grew up living – one that was centered on giving back to those less fortunate.  Almost immediately the healing began.

The Action Not Words Project

“Veronica’s House” was born in the slums of Villa Mella. What started out as a very personal effort became the inspiration for The Action Not Words Project, the non-profit that she co-founded.  For seven years, 50+ Haitian and Dominican children residing in the slums of Villa Mella were fed one meal a day out of this community mainstay.  

Now that The Action Not Words Project has completed its efforts in the Dominican Republic, Veronica now seeks to independently focus on bringing awareness to non-profits making a difference locally and on a worldwide scale. Her hopes are to encourage the “everyday person” to get involved. “So often people don’t realize how even a modest financial gift can add up and can truly make a difference.  Many are also not aware of amazing opportunities available to lend a literal hand in the trenches of human injustice – locally and even worldwide.  Life changing experiences are readily available to all.”

Veronica UnLeashed

Still, very much a “Girly Girl”, Veronica also enjoys blogging. She looks forward to returning to her once popular blog, “Veronica UnLeashed”, where she would share her thoughts and musings on being forty and single.  No longer single, she finds that she may have even MORE amusing anecdotes regarding LIFE.  Stay tuned for, “Veronica UnLeashed and In Love”, launching soon!

Always one to share experiences, and a woman who celebrates the greatness in other women, Veronica looks forward to walking-the-talk and following her own advice; “Keep it Moving!”



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