Helping, Healing, Breaking the Cycle!

Women On The Rise interviewed Teresa L. Holmes, founder of,  “The Bounce Back DNA (BBDNA) Movement”.   Teresa is a Career Coach, Empowerment Speaker, and Life Strategist, who began her journey by helping women and teens recognize and celebrate their self-worth with a proven formula; elements of personal and career development, clinical specialist, leadership, and entrepreneurship. 

Teresa, a woman ready to break down the walls of her comfort zone, breaks the chains of abuse and low self-esteem and helps others speak their truth to the world so they may heal.  Heather Canby, a Lead Speaker and Technical Specialist for the Bounce Back DNA Movement, explains from that being a single mother to 8-year-old son, Jordan, she knows what it is like to balance motherhood with work life, and obtaining an education. Her testimony relates to what many young mothers are going through and how they can overcome and lead fulfilling lives.

Karey Warriner, who is a Lead Speaker and Executive Assistant for the Bounce Back DNA Movement, is the single mother to 13-year-old son, Jaylen, and a 3-year-old daughter, Lark.  Karey is a teacher and an active healthcare advocate. Despite the high demands of balancing family, work and pursuing a higher-level education, her position, and experience as a teacher, has given her an inside look at what children are going through, and she uses that opportunity to share with parents who may need encouragement in building healthy children.

Stayed tuned for their current book project “Bounce Back DNA. A Guide to Overcoming Past Hurt and Living the Life You Were Born to Live.”  I am sure Bounce Back DNA movement will blossom into a force that will break the chains in many young teens and women’s lives.   Bounce Back DNA (BBDNA) is a formal organization formed in March 2014, and is comprised of women and teens who are dedicating their lives to helping others overcome trials, to heal from past hurts, and to break toxic relationships and other ongoing cycles.


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