She wanted to be a teacher, a principal, and a lawyer!

Kashi Bazemore Nelson grew up saying she wanted to be a teacher, a principal, and a lawyer. As an adult, she can say she has done all of them.

For the past 4 years, she worked with the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) in Brooklyn, NY. KIPP is the largest network of high-performing charter schools in the nation. At KIPP AMP Academy, Kashi also founded a debate team that was nationally recognized during her last year with the team (2011).

Currently, Kashi is planning to open the first set of multiple charter schools that will be developed in rural communities throughout NC and eventually in other Southern states. Her schools will all be leadership-themed and use a college-preparatory curriculum. She believes educating future leaders today is one of the greatest ways she can impact the future of America and the world.

As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Kashi received her B.S. in Middle Grades Education (Language Arts / Social Studies) from East Carolina University. She received her Master of School Administration from NC State University and her law degree from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law. She plans to finish her Ph.D. in Educational Research in Policy Analysis at NC State University.

Kashi is a self-proclaimed education activist, but school reform is not all she fights for daily. After losing her older sister, DeAnna Bazemore, to domestic violence, she has become a domestic violence activist as well.

In fact, she is currently leading the effort with the Friends and Family of DeAnna Bazemore to get legislation passed in DeAnna’s name to ensure harsher sentencing for repeat domestic violence offenders in the state of NY.

The organization is working with Assemblyman Eric Stevenson (D, Bronx, NY) to get the legislation passed. They are working to ensure that other families are spared the pain and agony Kashi and her family have experienced in the months since her sister was killed. They believe this law will help stop some acts of domestic violence from ever happening.