Bridget Johnson and Starrr Enterprise Inc

Bridget Johnson and Starrr Enterprise Inc

My imagination to takes me places…

Hello, I’m Bridget {Gitta} A Johnson, Love to read. It started the foundation for my imagination to take me places, without me ever leaving the room I was transfixed in.

I guess that is why it comes so easy for me to leap with faith into whatever I’m set out to do at any given time. I was born in Jamaica W.I., I am a Christian.

My Dad is retired from his position as the Commissioner of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and lives in Brooklyn New York and my Mom was an Entrepreneur {restaurant owner} who has since passed on and is laid to rest in Yonkers, New York. I grew up around a business environment, Which I think, has shaped me into the person I am today.

I attended Biggs Secretarial School after High School, then went on to Mico Teachers College. I migrated to the United States. Where I worked with an International Marketing Firm in Manhattan New York while taking courses to be a computer, Analysts. I’m also a published Poet. I’m married and resides in Bristol, Pennsylvania, my adopted home. Thou I will make reference to the fact that I grew up in Yonkers, New York.

I’m a Businesswoman CEO/COFOUNDER with my husband at Starrr Enterprise Inc. My partners and I have two line of fragrances on the market. My dream is to build a Fragrance Empire that will create jobs for our fellow Americans and someday in my native country of Jamaica.

May I mention that I have two Charity Foundations THE VICTOR O FOUNDATION AND THE PINK RIBBON FOUNDATION. The Pink Ribbon Foundation supports the children of Haiti, and the Victor O Foundation supports our Veterans.

I’m also CO/CEO at Motivated Millionaire Film Company and Trendy Events VIP Promotions. I have a beautiful daughter Onika Amma. Who is in her first year of College. I hope to fulfill our Companies Mission at Starrr Enterprise Inc. To focus on quality and putting our fame and fortune at risk into our dreams and not lose sight of our mission to give our customer the best possible product and service. My motto is “A company is only as good as the promises it keeps” Smooooooochies!♥!!

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