Her Soul Holds No Secrets

Her Soul Holds No Secrets

A refreshing voice of reality.

Folks call Larie many things—an inspirational author, a woman of faith, a cancer survivor, a dedicated wife and mother, and a refreshing voice of reality.

Her “No filters!” approach to life helps women and girls remember that they’re not alone in their struggles and that self-worth and true healing is possible through the power of seeing one’s self as God’s great work.  

Taboo topics like co-creating spouses, the effects of molestation, and the use of sex to gain attention, love, and acceptance are common ground conversations with Larie and her audiences. Whether she’s engaging participants during women’s retreats and co-facilitating faith-focused workshops in Misawa, Japan, or contributing to popular faith-based publications such as Christian Woman, In Her Heart magazines, and The Truth International Journal, Larie’s core message is simple and sound: My Mess is Your MESSage!™

Larie unabashedly serves her readers, listeners, and clients through her commitment to using all of her life experiences to empower others in their times of need. Her first-hand experiences with promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, chronic illness, and her battles with self-value serve as powerful testimonials for how to move from victim to victory through God’s love.  

Her mission and message continue to gain traction with women and girls’ focused organizations such as She Counts®, who invited Larie to be a featured speaker at their annual leadership conference for girls.  Larie’s passion for the creation of access to open conversation about a focus on faith, releasing self-judgment, and learning how to live a life of alignment with God’s plan is the driving force behind her relentless efforts. Passionate about transparency and non-judgment, Larie is building her faith-focused empire with a triple focus on writing, speaking, and culinary artistry.

In her first book, My Heart Speaks, Larie harnesses the power of poetry, narratives, and scripture to create a powerful read with full transparency and heavy doses of hope, empowerment, and self-love through the knowledge of God.  Her catering company, 5 Loaves, and 2 Fish, further opens Larie’s arsenal of gifts to share her experiences.

“Through 5 Loaves, I feed my clients’ physical hunger, and through speaking and writing, I serve their spiritual hunger.” Be it the kitchen, conference podium, or computer keyboard, Larie’s divine alignment with her gifts allows her to be present in all aspects of her life, and show up wherever she is led to serve. You can find Larie sharing her love for the written word over at her editorial post as a book reviewer for Breathe Again magazine, a web-based women’s empowerment publication, or baring her soul on her online space, LarieWrites.com.

She frequents the Blog Talk Radio scene with guest appearances on substantive shows and is active on Facebook.  If you’re looking to facilitate candid discussions about spiritual life lessons and learning true self-love, then join the growing supporters of the  Larie Speaks movement, and contact Larie to start using her story to help pull you from your struggles.


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