An Experience Unlike Any Other!

Joyce Larkins, CEO & President of “Lashes & MustASHES” Upscale Portable Luxury Lounge Experience Company A Luxury Lounge Unlike Any Other! Lashes & MustASHES offers the best elements of your favorite cigar lounge, with one exception. Our unique lounge experiences are completely portable! Whether you’re a connoisseur of cigars or are just wanting to host a luxury event at the location of your choice, we bring an upscale portable luxury venue purposed as your event requires! We are your portable luxury lounge purveyor – and cigar smoking is very welcomed!

TOP REASONS TO GET AT “TASTE” OF LASHES AND MUSTASHES “THE EXPERIENCE”. Our ALL INCLUSIVE TASTE EXPERIENCE is designed with the CIGAR ENTHUSIAST PALATE in mind. “THE ENTIRE VENUE EXPERIENCE IS VIP.” Unlike most events that have a separate VIP SECTION, the Lashes and MustASHES Land Yacht Cigar Lounge is a VIP VENUE in its entirety. Plush leather seating, hardwood floors, 3 flatscreens, surround sound, bar, exhaust system, bathroom…SIGNATURE HOSTESS SERVICE and the icing on THIS CAKE…..ALL INCLUSIVE!

“UPSCALE CIGAR ENTHUSIAST ALL INCLUSIVE CONVENIENCE”. Our experiences are not for everyone. We are NOT a CIGAR VENDOR and this is NOT your BLACK and MILD resource. Lashes and MustASHES is an UPSCALE PORTABLE LUXURY LOUNGE PURVEYOR. Our business is to provide the ultimate portable CIGAR LOUNGE EXPERIENCE ANYWHERE! There are a number of great cigar lounges in Charlotte and I support them all. We support each other. However, if your desire is for an ALL INCLUSIVE INTIMATE SET, CONVENIENTLY LOCATED, we have the EXPERIENCE FOR YOU.

Awards to Lashes & MUSTashes – 2011 Best Cigar Bar Atlanta Uptown Magazine, 2012 Best of Weddings Pick The Knot Magazine, Lashes and MustASHES Website – Facebook – Twitter – Linkedin or Phone: 404-520-5002 or Fax: 877-357-5002

Celeste Duckworth