My mission is to empower and educate the average individual!

My name is Paulette Bowe and I am a Microsoft System Engineer. My mission is to empower and educate the average individual on just how powerful their computer is.   At a very tender age, my creativity was always very visible.

It was difficult for many to understand, and I always had to have a creative outlet whether it was dancing, singing, or sports.  Creativity as always been apart of my life, and I always sought people to foster, develop, and nurture my natural given talents, which are many.

My 10 years experience in the technology field and owning my computer firm, has prepared me for this position; in addition to my countless years in Technical Support positions and my Microsoft System Engineer Diploma.   

Whether they want to pursue their passion of starting an online business, teach their children, socialize, learn basic troubleshooting skills, research, or keep on top of medical innovation, she can help. She also has for offer inexpensive laptops and much more.

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