Micki Esposito’s Blissful Journey

Micki Esposito’s Blissful Journey

A Blissful Journey…

“My life has been a blissful journey; one of great enlightenment and discovery! I remember my first visit to Atlanta; organizing the Annual Legislative Black Caucus Dinner being held at a prestigious five-star hotel and my boss…a Senator and the Chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus. After attending this spectacular event, I returned to my hotel suite, and standing on the balcony thought, Wow! I really need to be here – here in this city of vast opportunities!

To make a long story short; I relocated to Metropolitan Atlanta, with three small children after my divorce. Seeking to rebuild my life, experience various opportunities, and most importantly giving my children stability.

In the last 20 plus years, my career has placed me in some of the most interesting and powerful environments including the position of Chief of Staff for various Fortune 500 company CEO’ s. Here is where I learned the true meaning of Diplomacy and the Art of Negotiation. There is no Ivy League School that offers the lessons I learned in this closed environment; I was a sponge.

Once my children began entering college I reached an impasse in my life and wanted to experience simply, something different. Upon returning from a sabbatical in Martha’s Vineyard, I immediately enrolled in real estate school. This is it, I thought! I resigned from my “job” and entered into the wonderful world of real estate sales.



Here is where I decided to focus solely upon Luxury Real Estate. Thinking back, I remember, my first deal – $3.6M estate.  The clients came from the environment in which I knew extremely well after spending so many years working with high profile individuals and their peers. From hosting a private party for Vice President Al Gore to being on the sidelines during the NFL Super Bowl to communicating with the Secret Service on the Air force one aircraft, I enjoy and offer the experience on a higher playing field and have the interaction with various backgrounds. 

Real Estate is not about the business of selling – real estate is about p0eople and marketing. It’s all about you. Comfortable around the trappings of luxury and possessing an astute understanding of the Atlanta real estate market, I’m perfectly suited to negotiate multi-million dollar transactions and assist buyers and sellers alike to achieve their personal and financial goals. The same tenaciousness that made me a successful Chief of Staff is now driving me to success in Atlanta’s luxury real estate market. Achieving the top levels of education, I possess the distinguished designation of Real Estate Broker which connotes a higher level of experience, matriculation, and accountability.

It is important for you to know my foundation; I am rooted in my belief in Jesus Christ. With this foundation, it provides an exceptional level of integrity and simply, doing what is right. My passion: being of service to others; even if it means assisting outside of the realm of real estate.”

Micki Esposito | Real Estate Advisor


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