Stylist to the Tee!

Katrina ‘T’Marie Curtis wears many hats. Master Hair Stylist, Media Producer & Talent, and Supermom, if you let McKenzie and Micah tell it. Now to that roster, she has recently added entrepreneur and public servant.

As a Stylist with 15 plus years T’Marie or “Tee” as many call her, has acquired many accomplishments. She has been a Salon Owner, participated and won hair shows and has appeared in several hair magazines. Now, she’s stepping up her game. T’Marie is in the test stages of creating her own hair product and a working on a project dearest to her heart… #OperationGiveBack – Hands, Heart, Humanity.

#OperationGiveBack provides hair care services, products, and education on the upkeep of hair for both women and their daughters who can’t afford them because of financial situations. It also services women and daughters in the shelter who are grooming them to come out of their current situation to prepare for the transition. T’Marie believes that hair is truly a woman’s crown and glory it should always appear that way… not matter a woman’s current situation. Her goal for #OperationGiveBack is to help Women build instant confident, self-esteem and accountability for her self-worth as well as a vision for herself.

“#OperationGiveBack was actually birthed out of my own recent setback. I’ve always had a heart for people, loved to give back, but a lot of times I was just so busy trying to create a “good life” for my kids and myself, I just didn’t find the time. Then life turned on me. A terrible divorce, followed by loss of home, furniture, car, friends… you name it…I lost it. At that point, I had nothing but time. It was like I had nothing to offer; nothing to give.

‘But GOD’, which has become my phrase that pays, reminded me that He has blessed my hands to not just do hair but turn the hair into masterpieces. He blessed my heart with the love for people and blessed me with humanity to see the need of others and want to step in. So out of that renewed spirit and faith, God’s mission for me was born… #OperationGiveBack – Hand, Heart, Humanity. Talk about being born again!!”

Katrina continues to rise like a Phoenix from life’s ashes. With her ability to seek. reach and teach she plans to leave no stone unturned. Her Goal: Beautify women from the inside out… Mind, Body, Spirit and oh yeah… Hair too!!!

Her projects include #OperationGiveBack, 2 The Tea Products and Services, and the F.A.B Report all under the umbrella of F.A.B. Consultants and Media.