Jane Frankland is a mother, a seven-figure entrepreneur, and the Founder of the Jane Frankland Agency.  She has had a diverse career. Jane has gone from being nominated as a Young British Designer after graduation to building her own multi-million dollar business and working for some of the world’s biggest brands. With a proven track record in organically growing companies, delivering increased sales fast, and through a clear focus on the business strategy, she is driven to help companies grow.

With effective marketing,  business development, and joint operations, she has a powerful business strategy. Her passion is helping those she works with develop and fulfill their potential along the way.  Since selling her multi-million dollar business in 2012, Jane is on a mission to help other women enter the marketplace and succeed as entrepreneurs. She does this through her one-to-one coaching programs and digital media e-courses.

Jane agreed to be a featured guest on the Women On The Rise program. Women on the Rise is a continuing series from VertiKal Bistro that is all about Supporting, Encouraging, and Enhancing women who are business owners or are pursuing their passion.

We were delighted to have Jane as a guest on our show and hope to feature more of her webinars in VertiKal MagaZine’s Business Section.   Have a listen to Jane Frankland with hosts Celeste Duckworth and Norman Anderson.