First Love is the Ministry

First Love is the Ministry

An Identity Found…..

Nikki Nahar was born in a small town called Bedford in the United Kingdom although her parents were originally Hindu and Indian.  As the eldest of her four siblings, she found life growing up in England a battle for identity, finding herself amidst a clash of two cultures. This is because Nikki was raised as a Hindu at home whilst living within the external structure of British culture. Nikki’s childhood home life was initially troubled as she accepted disturbing incidents of domestic violence as normal behavior, but these incidents eventually stopped, giving way to tranquility.

She also discovered that she didn’t fit the stereotypical appearance of an Indian girl and so she was often mocked for her lighter complexion and different colored eyes.  At the age of 19 just after finishing her GCSE education and commencing college in England, Nikki entered into an arranged marriage which changed the course of her life taking her beyond the shores of the United Kingdom and into the nation of Canada as she moved to live with her new husband.

The joy of marital bliss was short-lived as she gradually discovered that her husband was an alcoholic and physically abusive whilst intoxicated. Nikki was plunged into a situation where she became a victim of physical abuse.  At the age of 24 during a battle with low personal self-esteem, Nikki gave birth to Joshua a son she loves and cherishes. To preserve her life and that of her son, Nikki ended up in a women’s abuse shelter, with no friends, money, or support, however, the hand of God somehow guided and cared for her through her entire ordeal. It was during her time working in a finance call center that Nikki became fascinated and influenced by the conversation of two women who spoke openly about their faith in Jesus.

Her curiosity led her to follow these ladies to church where she received Jesus as Lord and Savior thereby becoming a Christian in 2004. After this, she regularly attended her local church and the journey of change began as her hunger to know Jesus exponentially increased.  Nikki became an intercessor at her local church in July of 2005 and then was discovered by Dr. Philip Phinn 2006, the Founder of CICA International and Word of Life Ministries International.

She was mentored by Dr. Phinn and ordained as a Chaplin and Reverend in June 2012.  Later on in 2012, Nikki was finally discovered by Rev Joseph Opare, the Founder of Warrior House “The School of Revival” and JOPARE Media. Her training continued with  Rev. Opare in the areas of prophetic ministry, aspects of theology, and the arts. Rev. Nikki Nahar currently serves as a public speaker and PA to Rev. Opare at Warrior House, “The School of Revival.” She is also an entrepreneur running her business in Canada called Studio 07 which currently sells designer household accessories.


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