Women On The Rise featuring Fee King

Women On The Rise featuring Fee King

How Stella Got Her Groove Back!

How Stella Got Her Groove Back, the 1996 Blockbuster movie, was by far one of my fave female Empowerment Anthem films of the 90s. It was an all black cast, sexy, shot in a great locale, and had Angela Bassett starring in it, alongside Whoopi Goldberg. Not to mention the newcomer Tay Digs who was oozing manly sex appeal. I’ll never forget where I was living ( Houston, Tx). I’ll never forget the movie theater me and my girlfriend’s gathered to excitedly watch the film and the conversation that proceeded the film.

At that time, I was in my 20’s, and couldn’t truly relate to the lead character’s life of being married and divorced. Most of the women in my circle of influence couldn’t relate to being a mother; let alone a single divorced woman to a pubescent son. Nor could we relate to being let go of a high powered paying position and having enough savings to treat ourselves to a trip to Jamaica. What! Ms. Stella was not only Fierce, and Fabulous, but the ‘sistah’ was educated and FINE; particularly FINE for a woman in her Forties.

Fast forward almost fifteen years after the release of this film. Now that I am the age of Angela Bassett’s character, Stella, I find myself being able to better relate to her character at this stage of my life. Although I have yet to marry, I’m more like the runaway fiancée than the bride-to-be. I have no children however, I am a pet parent to a beautiful nine-year-old cat named Dychess.

I LOVE to workout and run. My high powered paying position is more like the freedom of being an entrepreneur, calling my own shots and living life on my own terms. However, I can relate to Stella’s character, who was a woman who was somewhat of a work-a-holic. She’d been working hard to build a career and a lifestyle that would accommodate her and her son; all while desiring some spontaneity, fun, adventure and staying open to love along the way.

There comes a turning point in every woman’s life where you get clear. That turning point for Stella came when she was let go of her position at the company she worked for. That turning point for me came when my mother passed in 2011 and another level came recently when I ended my relationship with a man I thought I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Turning points are when you become crystal clear about:

. Who you are

. Where you are

. What you WANT

. Where you want to be

. And who you want to be there with you when you get there

The how is less important than the belief that you will get there. I equate getting there to a roadmap from where I live, Santa Monica, Ca, to traveling to San Diego, Ca. I know if I take the I-10 to the 405 South to the I-73 and then jump over onto the 5-South, I will eventually get to San Diego. No matter how many restrooms stops and stops for gas I make, I will reach my destination. As long as I don’t deviate from those aforementioned freeways, I will arrive at my goal of San Diego, Ca.

I was recently on the wrong freeway. Because I got clear, trusted my gut and intuition, I am now back on The Feeway Express.It’s a movin’ and groovin’ expressway full of twists and turns, NEW opportunities, dates with beautiful and interesting men, movies, dinners, concerts, time well spent with old and new friends and a long-time dream of traveling to Europe, alone, to see what ALL is available. Making myself back to the Feeway express wasn’t easy, but I always believed it was Possible. And I arrived relatively unscathed.

Check out the 411 on dating next time, when I share exactly how I got my groove back. I’ll be sharing every yummy and delicious tip with you.   Ya Hollywood Fitness Go2Gurl…Fee King on The 411 on Dating


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