Sophia ‘SoSo’ Harris-Starnes: Creating Delicious!

Sophia ‘SoSo’ Harris-Starnes: Creating Delicious!

Utilizing both teachings and recipes from her grandmother and classical culinary education, Sophia is able to deliver products that please her clients.

Sophia ‘SoSo’ Harris-Starnes is charming, peaceful, loving, easy-going in nature, a pleasure seeker, and appreciates the beauty in others and in life. I saw one of her scrumptious cakes on Facebook one day and thought I need her on Women On The Rise. After reading how this gift of designing and baking beautiful, delicious cakes along with other baked treats is a blessing, I knew I must have her.

Successfully planning events for over 10 years, Sophia says,”We are able to deliver such success because of the training that we received from our mother who is also a professional Event Planner. We bake every baked good and plan each event with the client in mind. There is a touch of love in each cake and strategic, individualized planning for each event.”

What kind of business do you own?

I own an Event Planning & Online Cake Designing Boutique.

How did you get into making cakes?

I have always had a connection to baking & cooking since I was 10 or 12. My Grandmother Mary & Elsie Gooden. They always had me in the kitchen helping out, but I never knew this would become a passion for me. Cake Designing is a form of Art for me and helps me to create or recreate ideas for my clients.  I am Art Teacher for HomeSchoolers which allows me to be creative.

How many parties do you host a month?

I do in between 2-3 parties or vendor events for intimate gatherings a month. I like to keep them small it gives you a chance to present ideas and the client can relax with their guests.

Are your cakes affordable?

Yes, They are priced at a minimum versus other cake shops. Prices depend on the detail of work, size, and other elements that may go into designing the cake. I will sketch a design, find pictures, and get ideas from the client to complete their order.

Who motivates you to have your own business?

My mother, family, and knowing God gave me the talent to place a smile on someone’s face. It also allows me to spend time with family while sharing our artist experience. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs.

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by having a gift to create and make my clients happy and getting others to trust that I will make their ideas shine through my own design. As an artist, you must be able to see someone else’s ideas and recreate in your own mind with a bit of you added.

What are the best moments of having a cake and event planning business?

My best moments are completing each design or event and having a happy customer.

What are the hard moments?

My hardest moments is getting a client to understand designing a cake is art and it takes patience and love so I need ample amount of time to create. There are those last minute customers that you sometimes have to turn away. I’m starting to learn not all money is good money. You must be able to work under a stress-free environment in order to produce beauty.

Where are you from?

Atlanta, Georgia born and raised wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else. 

What was your title before you had your own business?

I was a Special Needs Teacher and Behavioral Specialist before I decided it was time to full fill my dreams as a business owner.

Does your family support you and your business?

Yes, my family supports me. My sister is my Business Manager and Website Developer. She is also our menu planner for events Master Chef And Baker. My daughter is the Cupcake Diva and assistant designer. My husband is the BBQ & Southern Cuisine specialist. We work together to make it “All About You!”

How can people reach you?

I can be reached via e-mail:  

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