The Other Partner in Crime Carol Bridgestock

The Other Partner in Crime Carol Bridgestock

The Other Partner in Crime…Writing!

Carol was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in 1961. She left Grammar School at the age of 16 and went on to study hairdressing at college. At the age of twenty, she was running her own successful salon as well as teaching at the college.

 RC Bridgestock is a co-author team between husband and wife Robert (Bob) & Carol Bridgestock –  website www/ Carol also runs a blog which you can access from this site.  So, what makes the couple qualify to write in the crime genre?

With nearly half a century of combined police experience, the couple brings a unique insight and experience from how real-life cases are conducted and turns that into fiction. Their hope is that this adds an authenticity rarely seen in British crime fiction. Coupled with warmth, humor, and humanity they have experienced during their careers,  you will find yourself immersed in the world they created out of this reality. Their passion for entertaining crime fiction, coupled with their insight into the inquiry room of a major case, comes from the pages of their work with the police department.

In 1988, Carol commenced working for the Police as a member of the support staff in the administration department. As a supervisor, she received a Chief Constable’s commendation for outstanding work for her determination and drive in creating a poster competition for an Autumn Fall Crime Initiative involving local schools. 

‘”Basically, I put the flesh on the bones of the fictional crime stories that Bob gives me. He writes the structure of the police investigation and I build on that to create a storyline for DI Dylan’s home life with Jen(Jen is loosely based on Carol) and Maisy.” Carol stated. Both Carol and Bob put their true feelings and life experiences to their work on the Dylan series.


Apart from writing, they advise on two top TV crime dramas in the UK Happy Valley BBC 1 for 2014 and the popular Scott & Bailey #series 4. The last episode of the series 3 pulled in 7.1 million viewers – exciting times!!!

The couple also raises money for local charities and work with the Huddersfield Football Club Foundation and various schools on the Isle of Wights to inspire others to read and write. This year, they are also appearing as ‘Dragons’ at the very popular Isle of Wight Literary Festival in October – recreating the popular ‘Dragons’ Den’ TV program, for unpublished authors!

Carol was Chair of the Wight Fair Writers’ Circle for five years.

Along with Bob, and other members of the group, she helps to inspire people of all ages by running community writing competitions, and in the process making thousands of pounds for local charities. This competition continues today and she will be launching it in West Yorkshire this autumn. You can see all the information about the competitions including pictures, radio interviews and read winning stories at

The prize for the author who wins is to have their work put at the top of the TBR pile.  Literary Agent of the year 2013 Maggie Hanbury & London Literary Agent Caroline Sheldon.



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