Audrey Beharie of Vocal Zones

Audrey Beharie of Vocal Zones

There are many talent shows promising a big break into the music industry.

Born in London, UK, Audrey Beharie started Vocal Zones in 1997 because she is a vocal coach. “I wanted to provide a platform for my students – a sort of graduation ceremony. I created it because I’ve been in the industry a long time and I was disappointed that there are not many individuals who have been successful in the industry, who are putting back into the youngsters.” As the buzz around the event grew, Audrey was quickly inundated with talented young individuals who wanted to be a part of this very special and unique showcase which opened its doors to all genres of performing arts.

The Music Industry

With over 28 years of experience in the music industry, including working for MCA records as a Promotions Coordinator where she worked with some of the most prolific international artists on their roster, was signed as a Singer/Songwriter at PWL Records (the label responsible for Kylie Minogue, Jason Donavon, Bananarama) and also working at the private offices of Sir Paul McCartney and the late Linda McCartney. Audrey was able to acquire an invaluable amount of information about the industry and eventually went on to own her own recording studio and production company which aimed at nurturing young people in all aspects of songwriting, production, and studio skills in the quest to create and revive the excellence of good songwriting.

“It’s sad sometimes because when you turn the radio on a lot of the music is negative or contains lyrical … I feel we need to get good songwriters/producers and nurture them to clean up the industry and put out something positive, meaningful, and spirit-filled into our society.”

Vocal Zones

VOCAL ZONES have been successful in using the performing arts as a vehicle to nurture and develop not only the performing arts skills of its so many talented and ambitious young people, but also work at bringing to the youth personal enhancement goals and skills using strong moral values, giving each young person a sense of pride, achievement and belonging. She explained her mission. “It’s about enabling each person to realize their potential. God gave us a talent and I have been blessed and inspired to be able to create Vocal Zones to unlock their true worth.

“These talented individuals feel invigorated by the sense of control and discipline in their lives and become more confident in the world around them and what it has to offer – whether or not it is the form of performing arts or just as a tool to help with their personal development.”  Confidence, integrity, and fulfillment are the basis of the work that VOCAL ZONES have tried to instill in the youth they work with. As Audrey knows, confidence-building is the key foundation to achieving growth in each and every young person. Life skills and role play will be another part of their development utilizing the performing arts to help self-expression, self-assuredness, and pride.

Audrey runs things on a shoestring budget but managed to create a variety of showcase brands including: THE VOCAL ZONES TALENT SHOWCASE, THE VOCAL ZONES TALK OF THE TOWN, THE VOCAL ZONES TALENT QUEST and THE VOCAL ZONES BLACK HISTORY SHOWCASE where performers are given love, encouragement, and support from audiences that reflect the passion that Audrey has for her art. To date, Vocal Zones have staged in excess of 55 shows and counting!! Also, in addition to the Vocal Zones brand, Audrey launched THE MISS TEEN DREAM and LITTLE MISS DREAM Pageants which introduced a new perspective on the Pageant scene. It encourages natural wholesome beauty with no restrictions (race, ethnicity, size, height or weight) enabling each and every young girl the opportunity to be a part of the wonderful experience while building confidence and self-esteem.

Her Vision

Audrey takes a very serious approach to running her projects and is determined to avoid the risk of investors altering her vision. “I¹m really not prepared to give anything up in terms of integrity and where the path of Vocal Zones should be heading. I believe in faith and I know that God helps me to do whatever needs to be done.”

Her faith is not only driving her on but also a large number of students and performers that have taken part in Vocal Zones over the years. Many have gone on to successful careers in the industry as artists, songwriters, producers, TV acting work, acceptance into some of the UK’s most prolific performing arts schools and performing in some of the finest London’s West End stage productions including Cats, Lion King, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Annie Get Your Gun, plus others.  Audrey’s devotion to music is unquestionable “I’ve been loving music, singing and dancing since a little girl of about 6 years old – prancing about the bedroom with a hairbrush in my hands and tapping out drum patterns on the dining room table! I simply feel that I was born to do it – It’s my purpose and it’s great to be doing something that you love and are able to share that enjoyment with others! What a blessing!”

Her Passions

For Audrey, coaching and music are her passions! However, she is very quick to remind her students to have something to fall back on. “If you have talent, it never disappears, but with education and faith on your side, it will be able to give you that mental edge and spiritual discernment to be able to recognize pitfalls if and when they present themselves”. Audrey’s advice is a simple one! “Be persistent and determined. See a vision and stick to it. Be practical, go after your dream but stay on the narrow road. There’s no easy way – every easy path has got its consequence at the end of it.”

She concludes “It has been a long road for VOCAL ZONES and it has certainly not got there on its own. My faith, strength and determination as a single mother enabled me to pull on internal energy to be able to attain certain benchmarks which have help to make VOCAL ZONES the overwhelming success that it is today in the UK as now the challenge begins, again, to create that success and growth in America for 2010!”


“Miss Afro-West Indies 1981”

Trained at London Academy of Modeling, UK

The Co-Founder – The “Miss Afro-Caribbean Beauty Pageant”

Signed to PWL Records and All Boys Music as Singer/Songwriter

(Responsible for Kylie Minogue, Jason Donavan, Bananarama, Rick Ashley , etc)

Promotions Coordinator – MCA Records, UK

Co-Founder – “Raja Records” Record Label

Label Coordinator – “Criminal Records” record & production company, London.

Founded “The Vocal Zones Talent Showcase”

“The Vocal Zones Talent Quests”

“The Vocal Zones U16 Star Quests”

The Vocal Zones Performing Arts Workshop

“The Vocal Zones Black History Month Celebrations – Part I and Part II”

“The Vocal Zones Talk of the Town Talent Showcases”

Founder – “Hourglass Recording Studio”, “Inner City Groove Records” & “B.R.E. Productions”

Production Manager – overseeing and producing various major stage productions for local London Councils highlighting sexual awareness in London, UK

Vocal Coach/Youth Worker – The Devas Youth Club In Wandsworth, London

Produced Vocal Zones Showcase At The Millennium Dome, Greenwich, London

For The Arts Council of Great Britain.

Broadcast Assistant on “The Antony B Breakfast Show”

Performing Arts Director – Summer workshops for Jouavel Dance, London, UK

Produced Vocal Zones Talent Presentation at the Coin Street Festival, London.

Produced Vocal Zones presentation for SE1 United, Waterloo, London, UK.

Production Director and Coordinator for White Chalk Music Auditions, Heats and Grand Final event for Rio Ferdinand – The Opera House in Manchester, UK

Vocal and Performing Arts Director for “Young Voices/Grapevine” London, UK, and the USA

Private Vocal and Performing Art Coach, Georgia

CEO/Founder – VOCAL ZONES USA and “THE VOCAL ZONES YOUNGSTARZ TALENT QUEST GRAND FINALS” CEO – “THE MISS TEEN DREAM & LITTLE MISS DREAM UK & USA” Developing Beauty Through Compassion, Sincerity & Rhonda Grace Seattle Poetry Slam

For further information, please feel free to contact:

Audrey Beharie VOCAL ZONES the USA

900 Legacy Park Drive, #2417, Lawrenceville 30043

Direct Line: 678-808-9850

For more information about MISS TEEN DREAM log on to


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