Inspiring Awareness, Motivating Action!

Inspiring Awareness, Motivating Action!

Inspiring Awareness, Motivating Action!  

A good friend introduced me to Angela Carswell because she felt that Angela needed some recognition for the work she is doing with young adults.  So, after meeting with Angela and talking with her about her involvement with RIMSHOT Urban Musical, called ‘Jada’s Way‘. I agreed; she has a calling and we needed to have her as a featured guest on our Women On The Rise Series.

She is using a musical to teach about a serious subject in a positive way; to get young adults talking and watching out for each other. Without a doubt, it was a wonderful experience to have Angela and a few of the actors from Jada’s way, on VERTIKAL radio to talk about their experience acting in Jada’s Way and how it has touched their lives.

Before all else, Angela Carswell is a mother, daughter and wife with tremendous faith, ambition, and intentional focus.  She is motivated by obedience, inspiring change and celebrating others.  She is also a media designer, radio host, producer, and educator. Angela may be best known as the creator of A-T-Elle Radio, serving as executive producer and radio personality known as ‘AC’. She is a native of Southern California and a graduate of San Diego State University.

Early career aspirations led her to various advisory roles at proprietary, non-traditional institutions of higher education. Because of her passion for teaching, she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Adult Education at Capella University.  Angela actively manages multiple concepts to include RIMSHOT Urban Musical, a theatrical production designed to bring awareness to human trafficking and featuring local independent artists.

This effort is managed by RIMSHOT Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to bring awareness/advocacy to societal issues (i.e., the commercial sexual exploitation of children) through the performing arts.  She has a unique ability to brand concepts by way of designing logos, websites, photo journals, event hosting, voiceover work, and audio/video production (from concept to publishing).

Angela Carswell has developed a team of photographers, videographers, writers, artists, engineers and consultants to provide media coverage for high-profile events.  This initiative has been branded as Exposure Multimedia ( Angela and her team of qualified anchors cover and host major Atlanta area events to include movie premieres, international conferences, celebrity soirees, red carpet galas, fundraisers, etc.

Widely known as a pacesetter because of her marketing campaigns, events, and shows, she has a very distinct point of view, sophistication, and quality. She has developed a quick reputation for avoiding the beaten path with the intent to create her own.


If you like to support Angela Carswell and RIMSHOT

Contact Jada’s Way Fan Page   –  Angela Carwell at Facebook  –   RIMSHOT Website


“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” –Booker T. Washington


About The Author

B. Anderson

Women on the Rise is a continuing series that can be heard on Vertikal Life Talk Radio. It’s “Real Talk,” about sharing the challenges and successes of life while pursuing your passion and inspiring best practices advice that lifts others up. Experience is still the best teacher. We would love to have your experiences shared here. Our hope is to have more women of other cultures and ethnic groups become part of our Women on the Rise Program. Our goal is to reach out to women worldwide. Do you know a woman who is on the Rise? Submit her story for consideration to; include a bio, a large color picture, and any links to audio or visual presentations. We look forward to hearing from you.

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