Women On The Rise featuring Ebony Porter-Ike

Women On The Rise featuring Ebony Porter-Ike

My consulting style aims to develop my clients…

Ebony Porter-Ike is the Co-Owner of The ThinkZILLA CONSULTING GROUP, INC Chief Operating Officer and has over 15 years of strong business consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies in the space of Mergers and Acquisitions, the Energy and Public Sectors, and Entertainment.

Ebony has been seen as the “GO TO PERSON” for the resuscitation of failing businesses, or the guru for assisting new start-ups with a comprehensive marketing plan and objective. With a clear view of business, she has worked on brokering deals for reality shows, as well as the production of large-scale entertainment and fashion events.

With an MBA focused on International Management and a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Ebony has successfully guided new product development projects off-shore to provide maximum return for her clients. Her experience is unparalleled and unique in nature.

Ebony has been featured in business magazines and journals, and blogs, and has spoken at numerous entrepreneurial conferences. Her passion is to assist other entrepreneurs through the process of monetizing their passion.  “My consulting style is very educational and aims to develop my clients throughout the consulting process”

Ebony Porter-Ike, ThinkZILLA Consulting Group Inc.

Join Hosts Celeste Duckworth and Norm for Women On The Rise our featured guests will be Ebony Porter-Ike, Co-Owner of The ThinkZILLA CONSULTING GROUP, INC Chief Operating Officer, and Danielle C. Milli, Founder of Ace Artist Management.  Both have great testimonies of the Challenges and Successes of pursuing your passions and valuable advice to pass down to those Women who are following their own paths.


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