Women On The Rise with Ultrena Johnson

Women On The Rise with Ultrena Johnson

Time for your close-up…

Writer/Producer Utrena Johnson is a native of Union, South Carolina. Johnson wrote her first play, Lord Lift Us Up, in 1998. It was then she came to understand the power of telling a story; how it could mold the destiny of those encountering it. This experience led her to accept the divine calling of her life as a Minister.

In 2008, Johnson decided to expand her works and sought to add other forms of the arts to educate, empower, and inspire lifelong spiritual growth via gospel stage plays, books, DVD’s, movies, television, soundtracks, and concerts.

Through Utrena J Productions, Johnson has produced, 3 Dimensions of a Man, starring Hollywood greats Clifton Powell and Tony Award nominee Samantha McSwain. Twenty-four stage plays later, she is the game changer in gospel playwriting.

She also starred in the feature film entitled, R.A.W by Russell Blackley, the true-to-life TV series, The Bishop’s House, and is currently preparing to release her first TV Series Pilot, Changes. This woman is unequivocally the best and brightest writer to come out of South Carolina ever, and I will not go back and recant this claim. She has developed and produced the best stage plays in the country and if it weren’t for some of the bigger names at this moment, she would be the center of attention in the industry today.

I became aware of Utrena Johnson, by chance and I have been blown away by her work on the stage and small screen.  She has done nothing to disappoint the hometown. A woman of sheer grace and sophistication…Utrena has the ability to capture a room with her stylish and relevant stage plays and her brilliantly produced new sitcom, Changes.

I first became aware of the works of Ms. Johnson only a short time ago, but to say that I am blown away, is an understatement. I am a fan of life! To meet someone who’s accomplished so much in a profession in which I myself strive to succeed is a blessing and an opportunity to admire, while I learn.

As a writer, I simply couldn’t ask, for a better example of a blueprint to follow toward achieving my goals. Ms. Johnson is a Diamond, and I am mesmerized by her illuminating shine. Her body of work truly could speak for itself. When it’s all said and done, people will regret that they didn’t pay more attention to this phenomenal Actor, Playwright, honor her as Director and her contributions to the business and The State of South Carolina. I take it an honor and a Duty to bring you all up to speed on the accomplishments and body of work that has been built by this queen of the industry.

 She has been writing Plays since 1998 and there is no end in sight for this very intelligent and spiritual woman of God. The absolute embodiment of perseverance and commitment to a cause, Utrena is easily, the type of woman…no person, that you would love to pattern yourself after in life as well as professionally. I appreciate my position to do such articles about such influential and inspiring people. I am in a very enviable position and I will truly take advantage of my opportunity to learn and develop my skills as a writer and a person in general because not only is she an inspiration she’s also my hero.


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