REEL TALK with Rhonda Frost

REEL TALK with Rhonda Frost

Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man?

Rhonda is best known for being the co-author of the book “Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man? How to Think Like a Lady and Still Get the Man”, a book she co-wrote with her eldest daughter- the spirited and very funny, Shanae Hall. Rhonda is a mother of 4(three adult daughters and a teen son), she’s a writer and an advocate for women and children. She is known as “the calm” and wise advisor, a spiritual seeker with a sense of humor and easy laugh, a woman who has extraordinary life experiences filled with teachable “must be told” lessons-in dating, marriage, and child-rearing.

 Since the release of Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man? She has been seen on many radio and television programs to include, PBS-Milwaukee, the Jamaican Observer Newspaper, The Lenny Green Show-98.7, Warren Ballentine radio, Serena Sol Brown radio and was recently featured on the front cover of the Ohio based Pink Pearl Magazine(PPM) for women-and interviewed extensively for their 2012 Winter/Spring edition. Rhonda is a regular blogger for Red Room for Writers and a Contributing writer on where she dishes on relationship topics.

As a former teen parent-having two children by the age of 17, she fully understands what it means to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Fighting through the odds against her, after high school, she immediately attended American River College, graduating with an AA degree in Education. From there she began work in Civil Service before finding a rewarding career in the California Department of Corrections in 1989. She started that career as a Correctional Officer at San Quentin Prison, quickly promoting through the ranks up to the level of Administrative Assistant and Public Information Officer, Ombudsman and later to Investigative Captain. As the Public Information Officer (PIO), she was the spokesperson for one of the largest women’s prisons in the country-in Chowchilla, California as well as for an all-male prison in Corcoran, California-she was responsible for coordinating media interviews with staff and inmates and providing tours for the public as well as being the face and voice of the prison when media called to discuss prison issues.

 During her stint as PIO, she coordinated a program with the former Good Morning America co-host Joan Lunden and her production team as they filmed a never done before segment “Behind Closed Doors” overnight stay at the women’s prison in Chowchilla, Rhonda was also interviewed extensively for that segment. It became a huge success!

Throughout her life, Rhonda has been interested in learning. She is avid reader and has read hundreds of books on self-help, inspiration, relationships, as well as many memoirs with powerful stories of people overcoming obstacles-books like The Glass Castle, Tuesday’s with Morrie, Angela’s Ashes, Eat, Pray, Love, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, A New Earth-Finding Your Life’s Purpose, The Conversation and a long list of others. She lives to read and to share information about the change. She continues to pursue education having attended Fresno State, Georgia Perimeter College and Georgia State in the Business and Journalism programs, she calls herself a “professional student.

Rhonda’s goal is to continue to write, inspire and make a difference in the lives of women and children. She and her daughter Shanae are working on finalizing the newest book, Is Married the New Single? In this book, the duo calls attention to the current state of marriage, asking the reader to go with them as they examine monogamy and vows from several perspectives. This book will contain interviews, research, and the authors own married life stories. It is sure to be filled with more “ooohs and ahhhhs”. The hope is that this book will inspire thought and change when it comes to making a commitment “til death do us part” and cause people to think twice before saying “I do”.

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, Book Synopsis:

Written as a poignant response to the male-tainted advice in Steve Harvey’s bestselling relationship hit Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, this revised and updated book is a fitting rebuttal on men, sex, relationships and women getting what they really “reeeeally” want. As a current CBS Personality on Atlanta’s V103 and Former Sirius Radio host on Jaime Foxx’s ‘Foxxhole’, former NFL wife Shanae Hall does not shy away from the difficult conversations in life. In her own funny, fresh, and bold way Shanae prides herself in telling it like it is. In Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man?, which is co-written with her mother Rhonda Frost, the two women hilariously chronicle their experiences of marriage, divorce, and the dating pool, which has included bad boys, professional athletes, ‘the nice guy,’ the married guy, and powerful businessmen.

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