Can’t Take The Man Away From Being The MAN!

Can’t Take The Man Away From Being The MAN!

You can take a Man out of his Country…

Beyonce Knowles, a former lead singer of the popular American girl group Destiny’s Child, certainly has a worldwide draw. A nice looking thirty-three year old Algerian man (Northern Africa) I met in a very sexy, cool and trendy coffee shop in the middle of City Centre Edinburgh, Scotland, went so far as to tell me I looked like Beyonce – in hopes that his compliment would convince me to go back to his place with him for some extracurricular activity…if you know what I mean.

I am now convinced that men are MEN everywhere they show up regardless of age, nationality, race, age, and country.

He noticed me struggling to get a strong wifi signal and motioned for me to come and sit next to him and his friend; which was near the front of the coffee house. I obliged. I thought, “What the heck.” I’m here to connect, have a stimulating conversation that will potentially lead to a new audience participant.

Near the end of our very casual conversation, the young Algerian man asked me what I had planned for tonight. I told him that I had dinner plans with a lovely French lady I’d met yesterday. He then said, “What about afterward”?   I said, “Nothing…home and then to bed.” He then boldly asked if the cold comes. I tried to pretend I didn’t understand him due to his accent. He repeated himself.  This brutha came at me from every angle he could think of.

I told him that I had a boyfriend. To that, he shrugged it off as if to say, “So what…AND?” He went as far as to invite me to spend one night with him and then I could go back to my relationship. I haven’t been approached in this manner in a very long time. I wanted to see exactly how far he would take these shenanigans and where it would end up. He offered me five minutes to think about his proposition; to which I accepted. I came back with, “I’ll pass.”

By the end of this cat and mouse game, he went on to tell me:

  • To treat myself; because there is no telling what my boyfriend is doing right now.
  • He proposed a full body massage with nice fragrant oils to relax me
  • He told me he’d always wanted to with a black woman

What struck me as odd about this exchange, is that it was happening in the daytime, in a coffee shop with many people in earshot of our conversation. This wasn’t in a nightclub with loud music blaring and the bartender yelling out “Last Call” for alcohol. We were both consenting and sober adults.

You can take the man out of his Country, but you can’t take the Man out of being a MAN!


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