The Concept of Interdependence

The Concept of Interdependence

We Need Each Other!

The society today places emphasis on individual independence; it has become the yardstick against which ‘success’ is measured. In trying to measure up to what society wants, many are now trapped in a selfish pursuit of success with the aim of becoming independent.

 The resultant effect is the rising incidence of broken homes and promises as insincerity and unwholesome secretiveness is now widespread. A spouse aims for independence and neglects the needs in a relationship, children want independence so they become rebellious, employers and employees in striving to attain independence put the organization in a state of disarray.

 Achieving independence is good; it is a required step-up in the gradual process of growth. But it is not the ultimate. Reaching the level of interdependence is excellence; it reveals the character of a truly independent individual. Young people are becoming withdrawn and out of sync with reality, and in some cases; they have turned to drugs, crime, and other vices, in trying to be independent, they find themselves dependent on the wrong things, becoming slaves of societal misconceptions.

The concept of interdependence is needed in all areas of life. This is true because we need each other. It is a fact that no person can be totally independent, but in bringing together our unique abilities – sharing our successes and failures – we gain strength as shortcomings are supported by another person’s qualities and experiences. From here, independence grows as the interdependence expands, and we experience true success.

 We must know that at some points in our existence, we will need someone to talk to, we will need a helping hand. And also, we will need someone to have a listening ear, to offer a helping hand. You must play your independent role and I must play mine, with the aim of achieving a synergy. It is also of great importance to know that interdependence does not mean the same thing as dependence; the latter is a liability in this synergy.

From being dependent, you then learn to become independent by taking instructions and acquiring knowledge from your experiences and that of others, but instead of trying to become an island, you grow by finding the right people to connect with. Having in mind that nobody is perfect, your connections, just like you, have their shortcomings; they will always be strengths and weaknesses. We must combine our strengths to overcome those weaknesses.

For instance, I will not be writing here if it weren’t for the support of John, my elder brother. He recognized my skill and paid my fees in the journalism institute where I further developed my independence. I then went further by helping others develop their own independence; through genuine love, friendships and partnerships, we have grown in interdependence.

You wouldn’t have survived the few hours after birth if you weren’t cared for and nurtured. In nature, we can see and clearly understand this concept of interdependence; the sun, the trees and the seas; the men, the women and the animals, all making up one whole in a connection that sustains life.

So in having true success in a relationship, a family, a career, an organization, our society, we must grow above that level of individual independence to the higher level of spreading love and kindness; supporting each other with our unique skills and talents as we continue to grow in this noble concept of interdependence.


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