Mr. Mindful

Mr. Mindful

Wahid Shabazz and the moniker for my ‘Conscious Commentary’

My name is Wahid Shabazz and the moniker for my ‘Conscious Commentary’ is “Mr. Mindful”. I am Founder & Director of A Firm Foundation, Inc. that is a non-profit community outreach organization that combines Counseling & Consulting with social work & public service. We also specialize in Prevention and Intervention Diversion Programs as an alternative to incarceration.

There is a quote from Greek philosopher Plato that says, “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” So as a person who is always filled up with something to say, I often wonder which side of the coin I’m on. Either I am a Wise Man or I am a Fool, and I suppose it depends on how well I am received or perceived by my audience. With that said, I offer you my commentary on a wide range of topics that weigh heavy on my mind and subject matter that penetrates my heart.

I am very passionate about raising social awareness and community organization as an effort to achieve Freedom, Justice, and Equality along with teaching Civilization to the human family. I promote civilized Discussions and Debates that are designed for YOU to speak YOUR mind. My goal is to Stimulate Dialogue and Critical Thinking and to Produce Positive Thinking into Positive Action. My Theme is, “Personal & Professional Development: There is Always Room for Improvement.” So please read, tune in, and feel free to respond as we go from being a work in progress to working to make progress…TOGETHER.

Dear Readers,

All over the world, there are wars and rumors of war. In our communities, we remain divided and there is a pervading cutthroat mentality that causes us to scramble like crabs in a barrel to make it to the top. Society has become saturated with violence, drugs, theft, discrimination, immorality, and injustice. Conflict and Chaos seems to be the order of the day, which leads me to contemplating the importance of placing “Emphasis on Empathy”.

There are various definitions of empathy but it can be summed up as “The ability to identify with, relate to, or show genuine concern for the feelings or experiences of others; typically in times of pain, suffering, grief, or loss.” Empathy is the ability to emotionally connect with others and usually leads to some sort of attempt to counsel, consult, or provide help for those who are in need of assistance. Two words that are synonymous with empathy are sensitivity and compassion. However, in such a cold and cruel world where kindness is mistaken for weakness, words like sensitivity and compassion are often viewed as being soft and vulnerable. Their needs to be a universal call for empathy as a means of promoting help, healing, and health throughout our communities and across the globe. Such a movement propels us closer to peace, positivity, and productivity.

Corporate America understands very well that increased productivity leads to increased profits. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a trend on the rise with Empathy Training as the “In Thing” for many Fortune 500 companies. Anytime that corporate America adopts a new trend or invests in training programs, best believe there is value in it, including a yield on their investment…So what is the value or worth of placing emphasis on empathy, especially in the corporate world? What type of yield do companies expect from investing in empathy training? How necessary is empathy training outside of the corporate setting?

The challenge I present to each of you dear readers is to research empathy and empathy training a little further on your own. Where and who is in the most need of empathy or empathy training in your opinion? How can we as a people benefit both personally and professionally from empathy training? What can and will YOU do to place Emphasis on Empathy?

-Mr. Mindful-

February 25, 2013

For additional information including booking information for Seminars, Workshops, and Keynotes, please contact A Firm Foundation, Inc. at 804-252-2115 or We offer a range of Personal &Professional Development curricula and continuum choices. Visit our website and www.truelifesaver.og and sign our Guest Book.

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