Are You a Just Another Mountain

Are You a Just Another Mountain

Are You a Just Another Mountain

It was Bil Keane, the famous American cartoonist that said; “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God which is why we call it the present.” Truly, we must deeply appreciate our today and make the most of it as it forms the bedrock of better tomorrows and creates memorable yesterdays – those special yesterdays that we will live to remember. For me, one of those moments that stands out was my High School tour of Kenya’s Rift Valley.

First we climbed Mount Longonot. Then we went to the Menegai Crater; both of which are Volcanic. Volcanoes are an impressive sight. I could stare at this scenery for a long time. The steam oozing from the crater reminded me of the theories behind volcanic activity.

A thought crosses my mind. Our drive to The Great Rift Valley had taken us through several mountains, but the sight of these ordinary mountains never elicited much excitement as these volcanoes. Here is why; mountains only impress the first time, but after you have seen a mountain or a lot of mountains with what becomes a sort of monotonous frequency, a mountain becomes just part of the landscape.

There it is – another mountain. Just there. DOING NOTHING! After passing by ‘just another’ mountain, their sight can be boring. Not so with a volcanoes. A volcano is an active mountain. Unlike other types of mountains which are appreciated for their outward features such as their height, snow caps, and vegetation, it is the insides of volcanoes that endow them with their unique features. People have dug tunnels through mountains for rails or roads, but not through volcanic mountains. They are mountains to watch out for! A volcano is a mountain that is ‘alive’, activities within charges it, causing it to explode, to change itself, and to alter the scenery around it.

The volcano is a shaker and a mover; it lights up and radiates a glow. It is always ‘up to something’, a happening! A volcano is always reinventing itself; steaming and generating energy from within. You can never get used to an active mountain, even after it ‘dies’ (goes dormant), they leave an indication of their activity while they were ‘alive’ (active).

TURN ON! Don’t just be part of the church congregation, just another member of your family, the umpteenth member of a group, another employee, another of the many students of this or that college… Just part of the landscape. NO! People pay attention to a volcano. It is a one-mountain spectacular…too hot to handle.

Are you ‘up to something’ with your life?

Have you been actively adding value to yourself?

Can you talk of growth and progress when referring to yourself? Can people attest to it? Is lapse of time an opportunity for you to grow or you keep talking about the ‘good old days’, what you used to do in high school, the places you went to? And that’s all you are doing now, only talking about it. “All living things grow, and the ones in which class you belong, move”, said my Biology teacher.

MOVE! Re-invent yourself and keep at it. Get passionate about your life. Arise. Activate yourself and cause your dreams, visions, and aspirations to be manifested. Then, dream again. Be like a volcano, and let all that you can be rise from within. The world awaits your manifestation. Your activation!

Like a volcano, live from inside out. Come alive!


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