In return she wants nothing…

An elderly lady wakes everyday at four in the morning.                          

She has a truck that needs packing.

Deliveries of food to make,

fresh wrapped sandwiches for strangers to take.

Feeding the streets of the homeless,

giving smiles and tenderness.

They greet her with tired, hungry bodies each day.

In return she wants nothing,

it all makes her just sing.

She wants them to know someone does care

and she remembers when she lived there.

A man loads a family in his van

providing them with all the comfort he can.

Taking young ones that are sick.

One less worry to the family may be the trick,

so many other worries in a family.

Will they wake up to their own catastrophe?

Their sick one taken away,

the real fear every day.

Our man believes he is just a comforting drive

but in the back, the family always comes alive.

He could have spent life curled up and cried

instead of doing something when his own boy died.

Another lady changing a girl’s home with paint and a brush.

Little ladies whose troubles run deeper than a crush.

They have seen nothing but despair,

minds full of torment to share.

Never shown the right thing to do,

just being teens never came due.

Our lady just want to brighten their walls,

take a little pain away from their falls,

bring smiles to their face,

forget their past homes of disgrace.

Though she has never worn their shoe

our lady just believes it is the right thing to do.

In a world that can be full of selfish hate

these people remind you there is a heavenly gate.

Magic brought by the ordinary good,

using tools we all should.

So inspiring.

I cannot stop crying.

They just give and inspire

when the rest of us tire.

July 13, 2010

© Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2010

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