Finding Humanity

Finding Humanity

The Feel Good Stories…

At the start of every day, we all watch or listen to the news. The worldwide tragedies that take place and the sorrow that is shared within us all. It is a traumatic way to start any day and the reason that we do it is to hear for once good news or we are searching for those feel-good stories that can make a great start to the day.

If we do not hear these feel-good stories or find the good news we are searching for them our days may slowly go downhill and we close our eyes to everything that can be going on around us. This potentially may be a mistake that is made by all of us and here is what we may be missing.

We may be missing genuine humanity between two people that are so subtle that we will miss it and this is most likely be because of the cloud we let into our minds when we were focused on the negative of life that everyone seems to be sharing.

We are missing out on seeing one person help another across the street, a person stopping on the side of the road when someone else is stuck, a person holding a door for another.  These are just a few examples of what we are missing when we are not paying attention or believe in the poor thoughts of people.  The worst part is when this is not noticed or appreciated when these little incidents or thoughts happen to us directly.

Missing the humanity that is placed upon us would be a loss for progressively frail spirits.

What we need to do is understand that there is a balance of tragedy and good moments in our new little world. For every horrid occurrence, there are millions of truly good gestures that we miss. This is due to the few times that bad news happens and how that negativity clouds our eyes to the true spirit of the good in all of us.

With that in mind when we have our morning coffee and news do not take in all the sour notes that would cloud your day and on the way to where you have to go just wave to the person beside you so everyone can find and see that little piece of humanity that we all have.

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