Dr. Michael Owens & The Black Latino Council

Dr. Michael Owens name Vice President….

National Black & Latino Council (NBLC) has announced Dr. Michael C. Owens as the VP of Policy and Government affairs.  Dr. Owens will set strategy, develop tactics and oversee the execution of NBLC’s public policy advocacy agenda at the federal, state, and municipal level, and will develop and drive strategies involving legislation, regulations, and public education and outreach.

“We are excited to have Dr. Owens represent the organization in this capacity”, said Lance Robertson, Executive Director of National Black & Latino Council. “Michael is a smart and seasoned professional who understands government inner-workings and policy and their effect on America’s Afro-American and Hispanic communities.  

Dr. Owens will help lead our political and fundraising operations and we look forward to him dedicating his talents to our mission of supporting policy and legislation that bring the kind of strong innovation and collaboration that can drive economic growth within the Black and Latino sectors.  As an existing member and volunteer with NBLC, we now look forward to his contributions to our mission to grow the organization as a whole.”

Dr. Owens has an impressive history of working with both minority businesses and the community as an entrepreneur, corporate manager, and community leader.  He has also been a long-time advocate of increasing the awareness of the economic power that comes with increased collaboration between the nation’s two largest minority groups.  The VP of Policy and Government Affairs will work as a part of NBLC’s executive team to develop key messaging to advance the National Black & Latino Council’s mission and to identify opportunities to align political, economic and policy goals with NBLC’s programs.

For the last decade, The Black Latino Council has been promoting  cross-cultural small business development in the African-American and Hispanic/Latino communities through a series of dynamic signature events that provide minority and women-owned businesses with unique B2B access designed to stimulate commerce and job creation in the African-American and Hispanic/Latino community for their members and affiliates.

Our membership will give you a unique access to a large network of Hispanic and African American individuals from upper levels of government and industry down to a range of small businesses and entrepreneurs.   International business starts here at home and together we can build better businesses and better communities.


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