Kerrie Cooke is Style!

Kerrie Cooke is Style!

Those are the anchors of Kerrie Cooke’s repertoire as an emerging maven in the personal styling/personal shopping industries. Gaining popularity through her daily Facebook updates of her “fabulous finds”, this entrepreneur’s story shows the power of Social Media combined with the rewards of surrendering to one’s passion.

Kerrie—known by her tribe as VirtuousOne—launched Virtuous Styls, LLC to guide her clients to better shopping and styling experiences with her customized “Styl Strategies.” Virtuous Styls was built on Kerrie’s personal and professional mantra: True style must first occur within, then show up outside!”I dropped the ‘e’ from ‘style’ because the word feels better without it,” giggles the stylista in a recent interview. She’s unique in that way—dreaming up simple edits to common elements, and making them brilliantly different and contagious.

VirtuousOne has styled professionals for speaking engagements, video shoots, event hosting, and dinner parties. She’s done live styling at national retailer’s events such as Dillard’s Operation PROM, and at niche-boutiques such as Bombay Gal in the trendy Little Five Points area of East Atlanta. She has guided small and large groups of eager shoppers through vintage and thrift shops in Atlanta, New York, and Miami. Her Red Suitcase Travels™ gained so much momentum in 2011, she found herself creating impromptu field trips to meet her audience’s persistent requests!

“I’m loving my journey, and I feel so great about reminding women that they can look and feel good without even having to spend $20! You don’t have to compromise your budget to show your style!” ~VirtuousOne

VirtuousOne’s eye for great pieces doesn’t stop at thrift or vintage stores, either! She’s been known to go to designer boutiques and assemble perfect combinations for her more discerning, less budget-conscious clients too. The results of Kerrie’s one-on-one consultations (live and online), coupled with her group field trips have opened another lane in her journey: spokeswoman of style, aka “spokesstylist”. She serves as a liaison between boutiques and their ideal customers by featuring her favorite pieces from each store on her blog and Facebook Fan Page.

Daily meditation, long nature walks, avid dancing, and nurturing her spiritual connections are among VirtuousOne’s priorities. Based in metro Atlanta, but traveling to a hot shop near you, Kerrie Cooke’s focus is simply the creation of art using your personal style.

Her website where you can subscribe and keep current with Kerrie is:


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