A Beautiful Woman Handles Her Business

A Beautiful Woman Handles Her Business

A Beautiful Woman Handles Her Business…

There are many things that can be said about a beautiful woman who walks unapologetically in her power. So here is a tribute to all the beautiful, powerful women who can hold their position with grace; stand in the spotlight with dignity; and love intensely without fear. This is to all the women who know how to handle their business where they do business.

She walks into a room and parts discrimination’s Red Sea. She takes your hand and leads you across the sea floor into the Promised Land of new ideas and new experiences. Fear leaves as she teaches you how to march around the walls of Jericho like a lady, and when the walls fall, how to take up the spoils of your victory like a warrior.  

She reaches inside your damaged heart and removes the thorns of self doubt and stops the bleeding of self-inflicted pain placed there by insensitivity. Her words silence negative forces as they get caught up in the fury of her positive wind. She then trains you in developing your own wind in your own way.

She lets you know, with one look, that you are destined for greatness but holds your hand because she knows that you still need help getting there. She can tell you where you live although she has never visited you. She can decorate the rooms of your life with such brilliance that you don’t mind if she changes your color scheme.

She shows you how to transform your weaknesses into glorious victories. She helps you to see your faults while experiencing your greatness. And when your greatness frightens you or your faults hinder you, she puts her hand in your back and gently pushes you into the majestic waves of your unknown future.

She understands that she is a bridge and that it was necessary for others to walk across the landscape of her life in order to complete their journey. But she also understands that there were times when a toll must be paid by those who dare to cross.  

Transforming lives is an art to her. Wisdom, a driving force. Encouragement, her life’s fire. Impartation and humility, the powers that guide her. Her hands are like the potter when it comes to shaping the existence of others. Her mind is sharper than a surgeon’s scalpel when it comes to removing obstacles. Her heart is generous beyond reason yet frugal when teaching life lessons. Her will, as strong as steel and her love is as gentle as baby’s breath.

She illuminates your life with her fire and teaches you the strength of independence while embracing the beauty of dependence upon others. She holds up the mirror of femininity and tells you that you are beautiful, awesome beyond your understanding, and filled with promise.

She reminds you that life uses experiences much like  a whipping post leaves open wounds. She knows that healing only comes by pouring the honey of positive words spoken over your life. They silence the whipping post. They stop hatred’s blood bath. They rescue the trapped little girl and release the woman trying to catch the breath of her new found freedom.

As we mature, these words should seep into the hurting places and heal the open wounds the whipping post left behind. Becoming a woman should no longer something we read about. We must live it. And now you can now touch your daughters and other women with tomorrow’s fire. Now, you can walk free and untie the hands of women still bound to the whipping post. You can now allow others to walk across your shoulders to destiny.

©2012 – Gail M. Hayes

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