Zombies and Sexy?

Zombies and Sexy?

Zombies are Sexy?

Zombies aren’t sexy. Unless that whole exposed-guts-and-lack-of-a-pulse thing turns you on (in which case: ew). But that doesn’t mean the people who hunt them down can’t be downright gorgeous! And if Hollywood is to be believed, the apocalypse might just bring out the hottest of humanity.

From Emma Stone in Zombieland to Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil, the women featured here are a lethal combo of beautiful and badass. And the guys (like Cillian Murphy, for one) aren’t too bad either.

Now, click below to experience our infectious gallery of the sexiest zombie hunters out there. We wouldn’t blame you if you started rooting for an outbreak in order to nab a dashing defender of your own.   They don’t bite…but boy, are they beautiful!

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The Walking Dead Stars and Plenty More Sexy Zombie Hunters by John Boone  – Eonline.com

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