Tim Alexander’s Creative Energy

Tim Alexander’s Creative Energy

Tim Alexander is a Photographer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor and Composer.

Born September 12, 1959, he was raised by his Mother and Father along with two sisters in Los Angeles, California. Today he is the father of twins and is looked up to by thousands of men and women of all races, creeds and religions for timely advice about relationships, parenting and the family unit.  Having had a 31-year career as a world traveled fashioned photographer and make up artist, he also established Castle Studio, a web design, retouching, print design and visual marketing company that worked with celebrity clientele. Four years ago, Tim Alexander shifted his creative energies to film making. He not only wrote “Diary of a Tired Black Man”, but he also produced, directed, shot, edited and scored the film himself. The film is a powerful message to people all across the globe. He has also successfully obtained nation wide distribution for this very unique film with Magnolia Pictures.In addition to the films wide acclaim and success, Tim Alexander is a renowned family activist with a vision of bringing healing to families both African American and others in this country and the world at large.

“We have a very low standard in today’s modern family and we have to look at it bluntly and work to change the negative direction we are blindly going in. We must build up the role, importance and position of the father and a man’s place in a child and families life. We must end the displaced statement of anger and frustration from so many women today. “I DON’T NEED A MAN TO RAISE MY CHILDREN!” We must end the destruction, the father’s image from the mothers to the children and from the media. We must get men to understand how important it is to be in their children’s lives and have them respected for doing so.

We must get women to understand their bad choice in men in their youth is going to have a bad outcome later in life often producing uncared for children, frustration for themselves and financial difficulties. They must also understand that they can not just bring any man around their children as bad role models, and they can’t just do anything in front of their children; laying up with a lot of different men, drugs, and alcohol in front of their children; cursing and fighting with their mates and friends, screaming and cursing at their children, the negative and explicit music they listen to constantly, unclean unkempt homes, open adult dialogue and many other irresponsible acts.

Add to this the over sexed films, TV, video games, MySpace, YouTube, The Internet, porn and other media that is poisoning our kids minds and family values. Everything negative is glorified openly to our kids and it seems that parents support it all. How can a young mind process this negative input without a responsible message to balance it all? This nation is also overrun with divorced and unwed single parents and they seem to be becoming the norm instead of the exception- there is now zero shame associated with young girls getting pregnant.

Authoress Pauline Rogers: What inspired you to write “Diary of a Tired Blackman?”

Tim Alexander: I decided to write Diary of a Tired Blackman because of an incident that I experienced with a woman who I was in a relationship with several years ago. We use to argue constantly, and one day she reared back and said “You need to get a White woman! I said “What?” “You need to get a White woman; you can’t handle a strong Black woman”. I thought about that for a moment and said “You’re right – why should I?

So I did get a White woman…but I left her. I realized that it was not just Black women because of the relationship I had with the White woman; my film is for all women. A year later when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write for a short to showcase the acting abilities of some up and coming Actors, I decided to write how that made me feel so I wrote a 3 minute clip that went viral and became an internet sensation, and it was the foundation for later becoming the film “Diary Of A Tired Black Man” People literally demanded to see the rest of the film, and even though I had never planned to make it a full film, I did by popular demand and the film was born.

Authoress Pauline Rogers: What are your goals to expand the vision of Diary of a Tired Black Man?

Tim Alexander: The film “Diary of a Tired Black Man” is the first part of a series of at least three. My intention is to expand the issue about relationships to show that it is not just Black women but it is all women and men as well. NOW OR NEVER…we can not continue to do nothing and allow this social epidemic of broken families to further overtake us.

This will be a national movement of change for all people. The movement will be to reeducate the American Family of its responsibilities to itself to stop this self-destruction. This can only be accomplished when each member of the family learns their individual responsibilities to the family, and to themselves.

Authoress Pauline Rogers: I hear you have a new film out called “A Mothers Love” to be released February 2011. Can you tell us about it?

Tim Alexander: Yes, my new film is “A Mothers Love”, is about a mother fighting to keep her family together, it is from a perspective that you have never heard before. This is a story about “Real-Life”, shown in a painfully and dramatically real way, with occasional moments of hilarity thrown in for good measure!

“A Mother’s Love” is a Gospel stage play that was too big for the stage and is now presented to you in the format of a film. This is truly a very unique cinematic experience; it is honestly…We really need to fix our families. This film has brought many of its viewers male and female to tears.

Mr. Alexander encourages you to sponsor Tired Black Man/Mother’s Love Screenings, Tired Black Man/Mother’s Love meet ups and Tired Black Man/Mother’s Love support groups in your area. By creating screenings, meet ups and support groups you help spread the word about these timely films enabling us all to effect change in our relationships between men and women and the children we make.  Please contact Mr. Tim Alexander before any screening, meet ups or support groups. He also wishes to include your information in his database to ensure that you receive exposure for your organization.

Authoress Pauline Rogers: Where can we purchase your film?

Tim Alexander: You can pick up a copy of “Diary of a Tired Black Man” on DVD in stores such as Wal-Mart, Target or online at Amazon.com or iTunes. Or click the link below at  http://amazon.com/Diary-Tired-Black-Jimmy-Jean-Louis/dp/B001L67A46

Be sure to check out Mr. Tim Alexander’s many websites for more information.






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