Stefan Kapicic’s Colossal Role!

Stefan Kapicic’s Colossal Role!

 Stefan Kapicic of Deadpool!

Stefan Kapicic is known for his work through Eastern Europe and the USA speaks fluent English, Russian, German and 5 other ex Yugoslavian languages including many dialects. He is adept at both comedy and drama and has played everything from a comedic stoner to a ruthless drug lord to a heartbreaking Savant. He is 6’4″ and a perfect assassin. In his career, he played more than 70 roles in film, television, and theatre. Entertainment Weekly just announced that Stefan Kapicic has joined the cast of DEADPOOL (FOX/MARVEL) as Colossus.

Hello, Luis Hernandez here from Vertikal Life Magazine and I’m here with…Stefan Kapicic who stars as Colossus in the new Deadpool movie.  Now, Stefan, there is no doubt that this is your biggest role yet but before “Deadpool” you also had roles in “24” and “The Event”?

Yes, I also played in “Big Miracle” with Drew Barrymore, which was directed by Ken Kwapis for Universal Pictures. “The Brothers Bloom” but it was a very small role if you blink you wouldn’t see me though but it was my first contact with Hollywood and the interesting thing is the director was Rian Johnson who is going to direct the new “Star Wars” movie.

Is there any difference on how you prepare yourself for a role in a TV show compared to a movie role?

Well, there really is no difference because a character is a character. If the role is for a movie, a theater, or a TV show you have to approach your role the same way. You get as much as you can through your research or the biography of your character. So it is a great process and it depends on whom the director is his own vision, and your vision in which you need to unite those visions.

Yes, and I feel that with Tim Miller at your side you had a lot of leeway for creativity;

Oh yes, Tim Miller is definitely one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with because Tim is a big comic book fan so he knew what he was going to do with his own vision and he has been in the movie business for a long time. He has done so many things and he’s brilliant with his craft. Miller’s approach to an actor is just beautiful because it is like he is pouring his soul into the [film]. I am really honored to have had a chance to work with him.




 I’ve read previous interviews and it looks like you two have really benefitted off from each other. I also felt, in my opinion, Colossus hasn’t had much time to shine in previous X-Men films.

Yeah, I want to say that but Daniel Cudmore is an amazing actor and he did a great job as Colossus but unfortunately he did not have enough time in the movies to show the qualities that Colossus, as a character, has. Also, in my opinion, the previous Colossus looks more similar to the Terminator. The version that Tim Miller has a similar appearance to the Colossus in the comic books. So for all the fans that know, Colossus has a huge fan base and he is a huge character. The look of Colossus makes a jump from the comic book into the big screen so I was under the goal of making his personality, his voice, and his reactions to match the visual of Colossus and we accomplished that goal. With that, Tim and I went through a long process of working for four months. We were filming in L.A. and then I go back to Europe exchanging emails with Tim discussing on changing the lines and improvising on many ideas. So the process of creating Colossus took us 4 months.

What were some of the attributes you bring to this version of Colossus?  

You know, I find Colossus to be the Superman of the Marvel Universe he already is old fashion, a gentleman, an idealist, and a father figure to the new X-Men member Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who is played brilliantly by Brianna Hildebrand. There is no better character in the Marvel universe to get that contrast between Deadpool and Colossus’ personality because Colossus is a real X-Men with no compromise and on the other hand, Deadpool does some good things in a bad way. Colossus wants Deadpool to become an X-men and use his powers for good and just be an honest, real super hero. Deadpool is just in his own world, he does not care. He truly is an amazing character.

Colossus and Deadpool together make them a balanced ticket.

Oh yeah, that is one of the great decisions Tim Miller made. When he chose Colossus to be on Deadpool’s side but still tried to get Deadpool to see the X-Men way of doing things and they work so perfectly because I am getting great feedback from all the social networks and through reviews from really amazing people. One of those people is Robert Liefeld he gave me such an amazing compliment. He said that I killed the role and he became my fan. Ryan Reynolds also helped me a lot and was included in helping create Colossus. Tim Miller was on my side from the first moment he listened to my audition he stood by me and so did Christian Kaplan from 20th Century Fox’s casting department. I had really great people by my side, which gave me all the freedom in the world to make this role the best that I can. I am grateful to 20th Century Fox and all of these guys for giving me such an opportunity.

Sounds like you had a real dream team but speaking of dreams we heard that when you are auditioning for the role you did not even know it was for Colossus and you posted that getting this role was a dream come true. What advice would you give to those who are trying to reach their dreams?

My advice is to believe in yourself because you can achieve anything, you really can. I always believe that I would succeed and always get this kind of opportunity. You can never give up on yourself. There are hard times when you are so disappointed but you do not give up. It hurts but you go further and your confidence will come back. I know so many people that succeeded and went through hard times first. I was dreaming about being part of the Marvel universe since I was six years old and now I am. I have done so many beautiful projects in classical theater, Shakespeare, so many amazing TV shows, and things around the world. For my world, my inner child, Stefan the kid who loved Marvel comics who wanted one day to be part of that universe I have finally succeeded and I gave my inner child some sort of Academy award. It feels like a gold medal and I know that little Stefan is the happiest kid in the world right now.

That’s amazing and how does it feel to be part of the comic book pop culture?

It’s unbelievable; I still can’t believe what’s going on around me. I did so many things but I never got this kind of recognition from all these people from around the world because today in this world super hero movies are ruling. Sure you can work with other great directors and make great movies but super hero movies have such a huge fan base. This fan base can either make you or break you and thank God they are making me right now.


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 Vertikal we are a global movement of positive energy and our goal is to introduce amazing inspiring people like you to the world. So if you were to change the world what would be one thing you would change?

I know that this sounds like the usual answer when I say this but I would like to stop the wars that are going all around the world. That’s why new we need real super heroes because there are so many beautiful things in the world. We have vast art and culture it’s a shame that these terrible acts have been going on for years. If we could end the war going around the world it can make everyone happy.

Yes, in this world our super heroes do not wear capes.

SK-Unfortunately, we have more villains in this world than super heroes.  That’s why maybe people want to go to the cinema and watch super heroes because we need them. So it’s time we go wake up the super hero within ourselves in order to help the world as much as we can it can be through movies or art. This is what I’m dreaming of a world without war.

Yes, we must always strive for peace.  One last question, who is your biggest encourager?

My family. My mom, my dad, and my grandfather. They were supportive since the day I was born.

I read somewhere your mother was an actor also?

Yes, she was and thanks to her I continued in her path. She is very proud of me. Last night, she saw the premiere and they were like the happiest parents in the world. My mother, she was beautiful she was a well-known actress but she stopped her career so she can be the best mother she can be to my brother and me.

Sounds like you becoming an actor made you carry out her vision?  Oh yes for sure!

So this has been an interview Stefan Kapicic. This is Luis Hernandez with Vertikal Life Magazine and thank you it has been great sitting here with you and thanks for the opportunity.

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