Ivana Mundja: With poetic love from Serbia

Ivana Mundja: With poetic love from Serbia

New single by Singer-Songwriter Ivana Mundja

Serbian singer-songwriter Ivana Mundja releases her new song Devojačka Tkanica (A Girl’s Weaving). Ivana Mundja expertly weaves in the art, strength and power of the Serbian female on a bed that blends traditional Serbian music with modern electronic sounds. The song is evocative of Serbia’s renowned traditional art of female weaving: it uses the analogy of this internationally popular Serbian female art form with the poetry of popular Serbian poetess Jasna Milenović and the powerful vocals of Ivana Mundja herself.

Lyrical poetry and sonic magic

The poem is a beautiful and evocative piece of Serbian folk poetry. It is a love song, a prayer, and a celebration of nature. The protagonist is a female preparing for her wedding. Her prayer uses traditional weaving art as analogy to describe what she wishes for her darling’s suit as she asks every astral element including the star Danitsa (the planet Venus) to embroider patterns of fabrics with her rays. The poem is rich in imagery, with the cloud and the star representing the natural world, and the Sun and the rain representing light and fertility. The imagery is so vivid, it is reminiscent of the artistic work of the female weavers of Serbia. There is so much female empowerment and love in the way everything is crafted, all rooted in the traditions of Serbia and evolved into the modernity introduced by the electronic sounds and the release year. There is not only girl’s power but also the facct that this power is used reflect her hope for a happy and prosperous future with her loved one. The repetition of the phrase “The star Danitsa embroiders patterns of fabrics with her rays” adds a sense of magic and enchantment as do the dance in the accompanying video. The whole song is an example of the richness and diversity of Serbian folk poetry, and it is a reminder of the power of language to evoke emotions and create a sense of beauty and wonder and the power that females have have when they are a vehicle for such art and beauty

The music Video

Ivana Mundja offers us an uncomplicated video to accompany the song. However, it would be a mistake to overlook the dance that occurs within the video, which gives us another layer of tradition and a sense of its weaving in with the modern. Enjoy!

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