Hezen- Stigma

Hezen- Stigma

From the progressive music continent of Europe comes HEZEN. A new age artist with a passionate, pure voice. The four-song EP called Stigma gives us, the listener, an excellent sampling taste of her voice.

All through these recordings, HEZEN’s voice is from and center. This is especially true with the tracks, Oil Fire and Smoke & Mirrors where the music never overtakes the message and passion.

The arrangements are electronic however are very simple and never overtake the stirring vocals. The percussion beat of Try Me does get you to sway back and forth as you listen and feel the subtle beat. The song, The Girl You Want, has been given a modern jazz feel.  The true prize of these songs is the soothing voice that is simplistic yet full and simplistic at the same time. Definitely worth discovering.  – Andrew Scott

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