Happy Valentine from NY PodCat’s Silence Reigns

Happy Valentine from NY PodCat’s Silence Reigns

In the heartwarming melody of “Silence Reigns (Acoustic Mix 1),” penned by the talented Li Mann, lies a tale of creativity, love, and serendipity. Years in the making, this song emerged from a humble Casio keyboard note, blossoming into a symphony of emotion and artistry thanks to the musicianship of her partner Pete Sawchuck, the other half of NY PodCat. Li comments on Pete’s input, “the song would still be just a thought without his excellent musicianship and arranging help”.

Originally titled “Silence,” this musical gem found its evolution in Li’s creative hands, culminating in a harmonious blend of acoustic beauty. From tender vocals to delicate piano and guitar arrangements, each note resonates with the promise of quiet reflection and heartfelt sentiment. The addition of Ayran Nicodemo’s evocative violin solo, facilitated by modern technology, imbues the arrangement with a touch of magic, uniting talents from across the globe in perfect harmony.

As NY PodCat continues to craft musical gems, each release promises to captivate and inspire. In an era where the single reigns supreme, their music transcends boundaries, streaming into the hearts of listeners worldwide.

So, as we celebrate this day of love and connection, may the melodies of NY PodCat serve as a reminder that love knows no bounds. From streaming platforms to your fingertips, let their music be the soundtrack to your Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Wishing you all a Valentine’s Day filled with love, laughter, and the timeless magic of music.

With warmest regards

Download now at nypodcat.com and hear it on Living Vertikal Radio

Editor’s Notes: Listen to more of Silence Reigns (Acoustic Mix 1)

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