Heating Up the Valley!

Heating Up the Valley!

From Oakland California to Arlington Virginia gave Nichole Atchison, a feel for music… Across Cultures


Nichole R. Atchison a.k.a. Uncunvintial has lived and breathed music since she was three, putting on a wig and singing Chaka Khan for her family.  Living in different neighborhoods from Oakland, California to Arlington, Virginia gave her a feel for music from different ethnic groups from around the world giving her a desire to explore new things in the performing arts.

She writes short stories and poetry and in high school pursued her interests in dance, acting, theatre production and managing acts.  She enjoys helping a young artist in their music endeavors and making sure they get the best representation as possible.  

Nichole said, “I discovered I wanted to help musicians behind the scenes and not be in the limelight, I begin my journey being the HEAD of PROMOTIONS for DE’JA VU Records, I was also responsible for A&R of the company.”  

Nichole started her management career, by managing an entertainer by the name of Total Eclipse of Total Eclipse Entertainment and doing promotions for Tru Playez Entertainment of Washington D.C.  My goal is to take promotions up a notch by educating, managing, and promoting talented new entertainment acts and to make Arizona the new scene for Music Entertainment giving New York and California some healthy competition.

Recently Nichole was promoted as President of VertiKal Entertainment/Media.  When Vertikal MagaZine’s founder/ CEO Normal Anderson asked Nichole Atchison to be the Director of Entertainment /Media, she was all in. “I love her passion for supporting and uplifting others. Anderson said.” An avid lover of arts and entertainment, her reputation precedes her. Although she is versed in every aspect of entertainment, her forte is music.

You can contact Nichole, uncunvintial@gmail.com

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