Discover Country Music Singer-Songwriter Savannah Rae

Discover Country Music Singer-Songwriter Savannah Rae

Singer/songwriter Savannah Rae is more than just your typical Texas Girl breaking onto the music scene. This native Texan is diverse in her talents and supports all genres, but has a great love for all things country and progressive. She has been performing across the nation, from intimate venues to main stages including recent performances on the NAMM (Gibson Stage), American Music Awards, The Voice and Roland Studio Sessions. She has continued touring this fall with performances at the New Mexico State Fair and throughout Texas and Tennessee in support of her recent single releases and looks forward to adding Pushing Up Daises to the set.

The songwriter defines her music as “country with a bit of edge”, probably because her version of country music blends in her other passion, Rock. With the unconditional support of her parents, who enrolled her into a Rockstar Academy group at 12, she has realised her vocation early and cultivated her passion to a full-timeprofession.

2021 has been a whirlwind of a year for Savannah and she is closing out strong with her latest release, Pushing Up Daisies! Building on the success of her recent release Typical Texas Girl (Co-written by Pam Tillis), which has topped Downda Road Radio’s chart (August 29, 2021 – September 25, 2021) and received radio airplay, Pushing Up Daisies continues her upward trajectory and is poised to push her from typical Texas country star to National/International superstar!

Hear Pushing Up Daisies right here where the artist sings in both Engllish and Spanish. Says Savannah Rae, “My music is very unique because I bring a sound that is all new to the country market. My two main loves are country and rock and I love being able to combine them both.”

Hear the previously released and chart-topping single, Typical Texas Girl!

Find Savanna Rae and her music on all social media platforms and streaming services.


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