Discover Kev Gray & The Gravy Train through their latest release, Time to Live Again

Discover Kev Gray & The Gravy Train through their latest release, Time to Live Again

Kev Gray & The Gravy Train: The band

Kev Gray & The Gravy Train is an alternative multi-genre band. Their sound blends the craftsmanship, genres and diversity in their membership and their heritage. Songs are inspired from life and are infused with what they call “classic vintage genres from Funk, Jazz, Blues, Gospel to Bossa-Nova and Pop”. The band has had varied members throughout its existence. But one thing remains: all of them are incredibly talented professional musicians. Put together in Tokyo in 2008, they have included many talents along the years.

Their biggest fit is to have been able to blend the various sensitivities,backgrounds and genres of very different musicians united by the love of the craft and the passion to share it with audiences. As they revendicate,

the band’s mission is unashamedly that of bringing music back to the listener.

The award-winning group lives in Japan half of the year and in England and America the rest of the time, according to Kev, “– depending on the weather”. That is the place where they formed and were they got established, after an impressive sellout Saturday night at the iconic rockabilly hangout, Crocodile Club, in Shibuya.

Time To Live Again – the new release

For their new release, Time to Live again, they’ve enlist a new set of established talents. Kev continues to be the lead vocalist. He also co-pens the song and sings some of the backing vocals.

Award-winning singer and writer Kevin Alfred Gray is better known as Kev Gray. The musician is British and more specifically and proudly a Geordie (i.e. a person from Newcastle, England) as he likes to specify.

The track includes Grammy Winner and US drummer John “JR“ Robinson, notable for his work with producer Quincy Jones and pop king Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, Madonna. John JR Robinson - Drums
Larry Salzman - Percussions Larry Salzman is on Percussions
Thomas Hilse plays the keyboard / synths and also is the album Producer. Thomas Hilse – Keys and Producer
Giacomo Pasquali - Guitars The Electric Guitar is in the hands of Giacomo Pasquali
German bassist Oliver “JABBA“ Frerichmann plays his own brand of Funk. Oliver JABBA Frerichmann - Bass
Sanna Hartfield – Backing Vocals Also on  Backing Vocals is Sanna Hartfield

The track is Mixed and Mastered by Paulo Germano at PG Audio, Brazil and is Arranged and Produced by Thomas Hilse.

The song was released on July 14 (2021). Gray explains that it was “the day the Frenchies liberated us from our chains, and blessed us with a new era.”. He adds about the meaning of the song for the post-covid era:Recorded, mixed and mastered online as the covid pandemic would dictate, they were able to expand their melting pot not just to England, Canada, America, and Japan as per usual but also to Germany, Brazil, Thailand, and Italy.


Find the band on their official website, and on Spotify, Youtube and Facebook


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