Words from the Heart cannot be defined,
by what we intended to be its meaning.
It’s deeper…

Pure Poetry
the universal language that we hear through the essence of a lifeline that connects us,
in a way where translation isn’t needed. Our spirits seek out the one we knew before we left our heavenly home to be reborn and encased in flesh, predestined to forget our roots.I remember you when I pass you on the street and our smiles for a fleeting moment acknowledge that your spirit knows mine. We are not alone because that encounter gave us a Joy, that we needed to stay encouraged…

So let me paint it in ancient hieroglyphics
that leave an impression on your mind,
and will stand the test of time because,
they will be hidden in your heart
seared in your memory until needed….again

It is the look a child has when they kiss your face and you know they still see God in their dreams.

It is being amazed at a field of purple flowers resting against the baby blue skies with wispy white clouds.  A Painting only the Master Artist could paint because our eyes of flesh cannot comprehend the beauty held within HIM

It is waking in the sunlight that has traveled through millions of miles of star-filled space so it’s gentle rays could warm your face or the taste of sweet, cool rain on your tongue…

It is the soft touch of a woman’s hand
and the strength of a generous man…
It is sharing a laugh with a friend
or comforting a stranger’s tears…

It is teaching a student how to follow their dreams. 
It is the majesty of mighty mountains and roaring oceans that go on forever…
It’s knowing in truth that we are only a fragment of all HIS creation.

And it comes down to this Pure Poetry is,
the ability of the Heart to decipher LOVE

By C.Stene Duckworth © 2010