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For Immediate Release


The popular Living Vertikal Radio which has been thriving since 2010, is thrilled to announce its latest expansion endeavor. To offer even more to their audience and sponsors, they are relaunching their radio station on a new syndicated platform that allows them to expand their reach, extend their website, and offer new opportunities to their audience, as it continues its growth trajectory.

Living Vertikal Radio is known for its inspirational and uplifting messages. The radio has grown exponentially over the years, with an audience of 26,000 and counting. Living Vertikal Radio focuses on serving the interests of authors, musicians, and small businesses. The radio looks to provide more for these clients to be heard worldwide. Its partnership with Blast FM enables the radio to reach a worldwide audience and thereby provide greater opportunities for its clients to get their services, products, or brands further out there.

Its podcast has been shared with over 800,000 people worldwide. In 2022, the radio was featured as one of the top podcasts on Blog Talk Radio, a major achievement indeed.

This new phase of Living Vertikal Radio stems from 2 years of planning. Entrepreneur/Publisher Celeste Duckworth and her daughter Nichole Atchison, a Music Engineer widely appreciated in the industry fulfilled their dream of establishing Living Vertikal Radio as a gateway to building bridges to other cultures worldwide and empowering creatives and small business entrepreneurs who are not picked up by the mainstream.

The radio upholds the Vertikal Life Magazine’s vision to be a positive global force.

The vision and mission have not changed: The radio will continue to produce the exceptional shows that have raised its profile internationally and serve the varied niches and interests.

  • A Taste of Ink Live is a poster show and author Celeste Duckworth introduces authors, their practices, their motivations, and their advice for up-and-coming authors.
  • Strategist, business consultant, and philanthropist Laura Bulluck brings together successful women CEOs as agents of change and mentors for younger women in her acclaimed CEO Power Talk program. Her 20+ years of experience helping at-risk women with Hopes Crossing, and a 92% success rate of women not reoffending comes in handy in this endeavor.
  • Vertikal Bistro is a conversational gathering pondering world events that affect everyone.
  • The flagship empowerment program Women on the Rise shares the struggles and successes of self-made women entrepreneurs who have left corporate America.

The freelance entrepreneur Celeste Duckworth is also a seasoned technology professional, a music enthusiast, and a sci-fi author. These and more of her vast expertise have spun a world in which people’s minds are kindled to ask themselves “what if” and open their minds to possibilities. A creative and innovator herself, she answered the need for a platform that gives a voice, an audience, and a sense of appreciation to the artistic community.

Living Vertikal Radio shows are now widely distributed with spots on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google, Bandcamp, Mixcloud, Sticher, RouteNote, Anchor, and BuzzSprout.

For more information and to hear the new radio, head to their website at

About Living Vertikal Radio:

Living Vertikal Radio offers inspiring music, uplifting stories, and messages of hope aimed to help listeners overcome life’s challenges and encourage them to reach their full potential.

With one of the most eclectic ranges of music genres, Living Vertikal Radio is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a positive and uplifting listening experience. Whether you’re looking for new music to lift your spirits or need a little encouragement to keep going, Living Vertikal Radio has something for everyone.

The station features a variety of programming, including interviews with empowering figures, motivational speeches, and stories of people who have overcome adversity to achieve great things. The station’s hosts are educated, relatable, and passionate about helping listeners find their purpose and helping them to reach their goals.

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