Is This Love? A New Movie

Is This Love? A New Movie

Drama, Romance, Personalities, and Truth!

Our very own Charay Vaughn who has been featured as one of our ‘Women On The Rise’, has written, directed, cast and produced a new movie called Is This Love?  The focus is on four women who are looking for love…while searching they discover a hidden secret about one of the girlfriends. Lot’s of laughter, tears, and joy, coming soon, Is This Love? The Movie, inspired by the stage play Is This Love~

They say you shouldn’t play with people’s feelings….with lies, deceit, and betrayal being the name of the game…who will end up finding love? Or will the four end up all alone…or dead?


Sandy: Late 20’s Very level-headed, love’s to keep the peace between her friends, will do anything for her friends. Job (Talk show host).

Tammy: Early 30’s Love’s to drink & get her party on, Job (Lawyer)

Sheila: Late 20’s Sweet & Innocent…looks that way… but she likes to start trouble anywhere, anyhow.. jobless (blames the recession for her problems/part time hair stylist)

Teresa: Middle 30’s A freak at night, saint in the day, but she not fooling her girlfriends Job (Head lead Singer in her church choir)

James: Late 30’s Young entrepreneur, no kids, love’s women, live alone, own a car, owns his own Insurance business.

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