“Let’s Talk About It!”

“Let’s Talk About It!”

I always saw things in a different light and knew I wanted more out of life.

Charay Vaughn, CEO of Char’Chy Productions, which is a World Wide Community Based Talk Show featured every Thursday night at 8:00 PM on Channel 22 since 2009. Our programming aims to bring a discussion about current events, and important subjects that affect our community.

 Topics that aim to present a quality and informative program. Creating a show that will enhance the viewers “educationally, economically, socially and culturally,” by discussing current events, important topics, interviews and feature segments. “Our vision is to be a premier talk show that delivers an informative format that assists viewers in solving challenging issues,”

There are many situations in our communities, cities, states and even nationwide that people want to resolve, but they just don’t know where to get help or how to properly handle certain issues.  They come to “Talk About It.”  Are you looking for a change in your Community? Let’s take back our key and unlock the truth inside of us.Truly Loving one another like Christ love us!

Originally from New York, I now reside in South Carolina for almost 8 years now.  I have a bright and talented 7-year-old daughter named, Chyanne Lywood that is quickly following in her mother’s footsteps.  

As a child, I was very outgoing, active and ambitious.  I always saw things in a different light and knew I wanted more out of life. My love for Singing, Acting, and Dancing led me to I participate in many talents shows, plays, and dance contests, during High School. At one time I was cast as the starting lead dancing role in “The Wiz”

I seem to always know what I wanted out of life, and being cast as one of the leading ladies in the stage play “True Friends Are Hard to Find” in Bennettsville, South Carolina.   I also choreographed and participated in many talent shows in Pageland, South Carolina, Rockingham, North Carolina and in Columbia, South Carolina. I was featured in (Teeny) music video shown on the Fantasia show, as well as a short film call “When the shoes on the other foot” that won third place at a film festival in Wilmington North Carolina.

Recently, I wrote, produce, & directed my own stage play called “Is This Love” back in 2010…currently working on turning it into a movie, look for that Fall of 2012 “Is This Love”?

My plans for the future are to continue my education in Psychology and as an EKG Technician; I am also mentoring and coaching young adults to achieve their goals in life. I always believe that there is nothing in life that you can’t do or accomplish if you put God first, pray and work hard.

View more about Charay at: www.cletstalkaboutit.net.

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