Interview with Erika J. Wood

Interview with Erika J. Wood

Her Passion for Life…

Before the interview, Erika and I had some small talk to loosen up. Hearing her passion for life, family, goals and spiritual living I decided not to have a typical Q&A but to let her flow. Read below and feel the passion of a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it without selling herself…inspiring.

Erika is a local actress from Atlanta and got the acting bug working with Patty Lemon who directs Nigerian independent films. (NollyWood).  She was in 5 Killers and Baby Powder just to name a few. I currently do stand in for the Monique show working on skits and in my 2nd season which is good thing since I’ve been acting only 3yrs. Singing, dancing, and writing are other passions in my life. Erika is an 80’s baby with Caribbean parents who didn’t play. With the library, study and goals my family had my life in order. One of my goals is to help others especially some of our youth who has no direction, social skills (which is scary) to better themselves and break that negative cycle. My future direction is EriKa J. Wood period like a Denzel, MLK, Oprah, Forrest Whitaker, Angela Basset and Desmond Tutu because the name alone speaks positivity in volume.

I will never limit myself so; I’ll hit all avenues for exposure and strength. Very passionate about my work and love to learn. Excited about my future and working with a Broadway Theater group in New York because the work is more fluid than Atlanta. My influence and not to sound cliché is GOD who birth passion in me. James Brown, Autumn Bailey, Andrea Ryan, Lynn Gibson and Patty Lemon are my earthly influence for guidance, wisdom and to keep me grounded. I use to volunteer at the Peach Tree Village International Film Festival which I watch grow and feel good knowing I was a part of it from the beginning stages. This business is not for the light-hearted.

Will I direct in the future? Yes, I will but films with a message…an art. The notebook for the US. A typical day for me is very hectic, always on the set of Monique show and writing my first script. To eat in this business you have to stay busy and use your gifts and talents. Use it or lose it. My future is felt in my spirit which includes a major role on TV series….1st African American Lawyer on Law and Order SVU plus positive roles. Doing a commercial on Comcast dealing with domestic violence for awareness.

Anything you want to do in life includes research and prayer, be with like-minded individuals who is ambitious and go hard, go hard, go hard. Dream big without fear. Start setting goals and continue to set more goals…don’t be average. Oh did I mention GO HARD!

Jesus is the root of my foundation

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