Honesty and Hope for the Journey…

A few years ago, I began writing this blog after I noticed a gaping hole in resources for special needs dads. And by resources, I don’t just mean medical books or sites to help in a Psychology 101 way, but also books or blogs where special needs dads could hear the stories of others could share in their pain and their healing. A place vacant of petty meme wisdom or vapid sayings. A place where honesty and hope we’re part of the narrative.

Fast forward roughly two years and I decided to take the bulk of those and compile them into a book. That book, ‘Confessions of a Special Needs Dad: Honesty and Hope for the Journey’ is available today in paperback and kindle.

This blog is written quasi-anonymously and thus the book is too. I have no shame of being a father of a special needs child, but, with some of the issues addressed, I decided it wasn’t in my best professional interest to put my name on it.

I have only lightly edited for clarity and continuity and, out of respect, for how I felt at the time, I have not changed anything to reflect how I feel now, only because I feel it is critical to keep that authenticity to the text. I also have not polished and re-written each blog for the same reason.

A portion of the book is the ‘That’s what she said’ which my wife has contributed.

I believe this book is a good companion for the new special needs dad as well as the seasoned one. I also feel it is a good read for their extended family members and friends. I think many times, as special needs parents, we are afraid or reticent or too defensive to share our thoughts on our life. Maybe this book can help give them a window into our world.

The book is available via this link.

Thanks for being part of the journey.

Take care. Hold Fast. Be strong