Reality is Fantasy with LeVaughn Erskine

Reality is Fantasy with LeVaughn Erskine

“Destiny Beyond LeVaughn Erskine’s Wildest Dreams.”

I am an avid reader of fantasy novels and LeVaughn Erskine ranks highly with my favorite fantasy authors, such as David Eddings. Like most of my generation, I have a love of comic books, graphic novels and Saturday matinees at the movies. This has given all of us the ability to transport ourselves to distant lands and experience writer’s imagination.

So, when I read LeVaughn Erskine’s “Elvan, the Legacy of Thaer,” I found out not only was it well written, but it transported you to another place. It’s the kind of writing that means when the time comes to pull yourself back to reality, it becomes a fight to remain submerged in the pages.

During a recent interview on “A Taste of Ink LIVE,” LeVaughn shared some insights about himself and his craft. He also gave budding writers tips on how to keep yourself inspired. We should all remember that there are wonderful stories in the universe still waiting to be written.

Julian Thatcher’s life is about to get turned around. On his thirteenth birthday, Julian’s godfather shows up to his party and surprises him with unusual gifts; a bow and a quiver. He tells him that he is special and that he has a destiny beyond his wildest dreams. According to his godfather, Julian is part elf, a special hybrid that is only of his kind; and his kind comes from another world called Thaer.

What’s more, his destiny is to unify the race of elves. Driven apart by political scandal into different factions and in hiding, the elves trust none but their own. Can they restore their honor in time to stop the resurgence of an old evil threatening to plunge Thaer into a dystopia? Julian is skeptical until an extraordinary event forces him to turn to his godfather for answers. These answers come as more unusual gifts, a book, and a necklace.

The book of origins and the necklace connect him to Thaer. He embarks on a difficult and dangerous mission and meets a mysterious ally. Together they join a clan of elves and overcome many un-achievable goals and battles with determination to fulfill his destiny and become Elvan, the Legacy of Thaer. Julian discovers that when you leave behind your old life in order to save a world you never knew existed, things do not always go as planned. 

Meet LeVaughn Erskine, a Jamaican fantasy writer who grew up reading comic books and which had a profound effect on his imagination. LeVaughn eventually got into reading fantasy books, and like so many others fell in love with Harry Potter. He had never read an entire fantasy series before and was surprised to find that he enjoyed reading about Harry’s exploits throughout the books. The series so much of an inspiration that LeVaughn realized­­­ he too had a story to tell. He wanted to entertain, he wanted to captivate, and he wanted to give something new to fantasy fans.

The story came to him from nowhere and it blossomed from a single thought: “I can write a fantasy novel!”

It was a boy, who always thought of himself as just a boy, but actually both boy and elf. Confused? Good. There’s so much more to be found in Elvan: The Legacy of Thaer.  LeVaughn promises that this is only the beginning of a spectacular ride through fantasy that we can all enjoy for years to come. – LeVaughn Erskine.

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