Precious Moment

Precious Moment


By: JenOfPoetry

(Dedicated to my 3 superstars)

The Laughter from clowning moments.

The giggles from trying to be sneaky moments.

The surprise look when they get caught moments.

The cry’s, when they hurt letting them know it’s gonna be alright moments.

The irritant noise of – stop! I am telling mom, leave me alone! Make you wanna go to your room and lock the door moments.

Make you wanna go to your room and lock the door moments.

The “Mom when I grow up I am going to be..” planning their future conversations.

The “Mom can we have…”having to choose Yes or No because they will run you down if you don’t answer, questions.

The “Mom why does this…” curiosity learning phases.

The “Mom did you know..” trying to be smarter than you test.

The “Mom can I talk to you..” private talk moments.

The “Mom something is going on with my..” puberty moments.

The “Mom I love you” arm tight around the neck showing just how much love they have for you moments.

The coming into their own, growing from the precious little baby into a young adult moments.

These are the most precious moments of love in life.

They’re not babies anymore,

In the eyes of Momma they will always be babies,

They say a Woman can not raise a boy to be a Man.

Honey, Momma has made that phrase a myth

Momma raised 3 boys to be a the best men they can be.

Young men walking in grown man shoes,.

Without a Father to show them how,

They take the lead

They have so much potential

Head of the household








The minds of wise men

Walkers and doer of God,

The spiritual guide,

They are still Mentally Growing

The love &  respect that is given is beyond what anyone could ever give

Momma couldn’t be any more proud of what she has in her life.

They are precious, priceless gifts from God,

They are the Superstars

They are the life

They are the heart

They are my 3 sons.

I Love you.


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