Nora Novak and Los Feliz Confidential

Nora Novak and Los Feliz Confidential
Nora Novak and Los Feliz Confidential

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An artist, actress, writer and designer, Nora Novak has exhibited her work in the U.S. and in Europe. Having worked in galleries and a contemporary art museum, she was inspired to write her first novel of fiction, Art Damaged.

Originally from Antwerp, Belgium, Novak starred in the Belgian reality show, Vlaamse Hollywood Vrouwen and has appeared in films, t.v. and rock videos. Novak writes of her immigration to the U.S. and her many escapades abroad and in L.A. in her new memoir, Los Feliz Confidential.

A fan of thirties Hollywood glamour, she is the designer of a vintage inspired line, NoraLuxe Loungewear. A music enthusiast, Novak enjoys playing harmonica in her spare time and is currently working on a forthcoming sequel about the eighties.

Los Feliz Confidential chronicles Novak’s life from immigration to poignant childhood and teen years through her adventurous, sexy, freewheeling twenties. Follow her escapades through the glittering decadent ’70s as she encompasses the unique culture of the era with a seductive sense of sophistication. A rock’n’roll, art loving glamour girl, Novak will have you devouring her wry tales and asking for more.   Follow her on at Nora Novak Website or Facebook.



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